The Importance Of Women's Studies By Evan Weissman

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“Women’s Studies: A man’s perspective” offers a thoughtful and insightful viewpoint of the tribulations that may be encountered, and the advantages that may be acquired, as a result of participating in a women’s studies course as a male. Although Evan Weissman received support on his decision to complete a women’s studies course by several of his closest loved ones, others mocked him and questioned his confidence as a man. Many of those that insulted him lacked the ability and competence to recognize the positive outcomes a women’s studies course could provide. According to Weissman, most men are oblivious to the advantages and dominance they possess over women. Through women’s studies, Weissman was able to develop a strong sense of confidence in himself, and realize that the attainment of his goals was, in part, influenced by his gender. Women’s studies instilled in Weissman the skills and courage to advocate for equality among both males and females (Weissman 35-36). Often, men are born and socialized into a world where everything they say or do is superior to that of a woman. Even within their home life, gender roles are clearly defined and established. For example, it is common for women to be held accountable for all house chores and cleaning. While men, however, possess a job to earn the household money. Straying from societal gender norms …show more content…
Although some men claim to be unaware of the gender discrimination, I think that many are mindful of the situation, but choose to disregard it, for their own personal development and benefit. Men believe that women hate them. They use this as an excuse to avoid engaging in the women’s rights movement. Men possess several advantages over women, and I think they enjoy this. In most cases, I believe that men are fully aware of the gender bias. Therefore, men should be held completely accountable for their poor treatment towards

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