Extrasensory perception

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  • Examples Of Transcendental Spontaneity

    I have talked about how, because of the fortune teller’s spotless record, the people receiving her fortunes would live their lives exactly the way they were always meant to. By this, I mean that in world with a fixed construct of existence everything a person does is exactly what they were meant to, including going and seeing the mythical fortune teller. But how then would that affect the individual? Would they be able to continue living their lives authentically and in what Sartre would call “good faith”? Sartre says, “Transcendental consciousness is an impersonal spontaneity. It determines its existence at each instance, without our being able to conceive anything before it” (Friedman 89). A person who does not like the details of their death would put more planning into their lives and overall be less spontaneous in order to try to avoid their inevitable deaths. This planning would make such a person a less authentic person. They would not seek to be an authentic person, but instead seek to be a person who does not receive the death that the fortune teller has foretold. But what if the person receiving the premonition does not mind the conditions of their death and would not actively try to change it? Would just the knowledge be enough to make them less authentic? I do not think this would be the case. I think that in the case that someone is content with the conditions of their death, that person would then become a more authentic person. “Truth is found not in…

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  • Paranormal In Our Life Essay

    Let the Paranormal Be the New Color in Our Life The paranormal have become a hot topic among people, among the young and heated debates are right on their way. Those paranormal things such subjects as alternative medicine; conspiracy theories; ghosts, the undead, and the paranormal, UFO’s and alien abductions; urban legends; and psychic abilities. However, those paranormal are no any scientific merit to prove it is true, but it is the key to open human’s new sense, and let human to image it and…

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  • Interpreting The Pharaoh's Dream Saving Egypt

    Croesus was told he would destroy a great empire, thinking he would destroy Persia King Croesus began the military campaign and destroyed his own empire (Michael 14-15). Even today people still use psychic’s such Franklin D. Roosevelt who would visit with Jeane Dixon during his term as president of the United States. It was also said that Ronald Reagan even spoke with an astrologer frequently and based some of his important decisions on their advice. The Presidents Represent the Kings of the old…

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  • Case Studies: Case Study: Extrasensory Perceptions

    Study # 1 Title: Perception Ciela Marie B. Aquino Date Submitted: April 12, 2017  Executive Summary The case is all about how Nover Mendoza, a plant manager of a frame manufacturing company giving him the responsibility for seeing the currently available space of the company was properly utilized. In this case we can define what perception is, that perception vary from person to person. That different people perceive different things about the same situation. Having assigned different…

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  • Precognition And Clairvoyance Essay

    The source presented was trying to address more directly whether there was a difference between precognition and clairvoyance. Precognition, when speaking in terms of parapsychology, is reported skill allowing one to see, sense or feel future occurrences via an extrasensory comprehension. Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that are hidden. In addition, the authors were also trying to find whether the optimal conditions for the two types of ESP, extrasensory perception, appeared to…

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  • Portrayal Of Nature Essay

    Nature is the hills, the water, the plants and the animals, but it is also humanity’s persistent surrounding. Humans reside in the realm of nature; consequently, the natural world is an everlasting centerpiece of literary expression. Through lyrics, poems and stories, readers are exposed to disparate portrayals of nature. This difference in interpretation is not surprising because individuals, authors, perceive the world according to their own beliefs, identities and even fears. In other terms,…

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  • Descartes Third Meditation Analysis

    not actually coming from within himself. Who is to say that the cause of his experience of heat from a fire is not due to the fact that he was once told that fire was hot and now his body believes that it feels heat whenever he is around fire? That being said this premise is extremely important to his conclusion because, how is he to base the fact that God exists using an argument based on his perception of his perfection if this premise of a source that belongs to every sensation is not…

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  • Compare And Contrast Plato Descartes And The Matrix

    Descartes. If it is impossible to tell the difference between reality and the Matrix (by sensory perception) then how would Cypher even know which one to accept as real? Just like Descartes concluded, Cypher would not be able to know anything for sure beyond the fact that he exists. Cypher concludes that since there really is no difference between knowing the truth and being blissfully ignorant, he would rather have ignorance. Again Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix all three present the same…

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  • The Wax Example Of Rene Descartes

    1) Rene Descartes a) Rene Descartes believes that things exist simply because he thinks, therefore he is. This is beautifully illustrated when he gives us the wax example. Before giving that example, Rene Descartes did state that our senses are deceptive and so is our imagination. If we were to go by that, does that mean we exist just because we perceive it through our senses? He concludes no. His explanation of existence is that he is just a “thing” which thinks and because of that he is the…

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  • Descartes Imagination Analysis

    with a world that consist solely of material objects, offering no real reason why it exist. Back to the colors, taste, and sounds, they are not explained properly and are not signs of the way the world really is. The material world that he has proved exists is lacking of exactly those qualitative features that make it such an interesting place. Such as happiness, love, morality and ethics. Another issue that I have with the Sixth Meditation is the relationship between the mind and the body. If…

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