What's My Age Again Analysis

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What’s My Age Again:

The song What’s my Age Again discusses the growing responsibilities of adolescents and young adults. This song in particular takes place in artist’s Emerging Adulthood, a newer period of time utilized to adjust to adulthood. He feels obligated to new responsibilities because of his social clock, the pressure to perform a task when it is socially acceptable in this case the task of growing up; as a result he uses defense mechanisms including repression, the pushing of unwanted stimuli into the subconscious, and rationalization, the act of justifying what has occurred. The author of the song becomes the victim of the false consensus effect, believing that everyone shares the same beliefs as you and rationalization as he
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When the song says, “nobody cares, cause I’m alone and the world is having more fun than me,” it discusses depression, a medically recognized hormonal imbalance that causes extreme sadness. The repetition of “nobody cares” suggests that the author feels alone. In addition, we see a connection to development throughout this song; the song portrays being on your own as something that happens when you grow older, and that independence is inevitable.
When growing older, one will deal with stress and emotions and sometimes one might feel as if they have an extrinsic locus of control, meaning that feel they do not have control of their own fate. When the artist says, “life is a nightmare,” he suggests that there is a feeling of hopelessness in adolescents lives. In addition, the author feels that something may be wrong with him, which ultimately causes him to result in some abnormal behaviors, including the act of isolating oneself from others during a time when teenagers need to be social. One can interpret that the author as using defense mechanisms such as regression to deal with being alone when he does not leave his bedroom. Regression is when one goes back to an earlier stage when one faces unacceptable thoughts such as, “nobody

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