Lyra's Dynamic Character In The Golden Compass

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yra Silvertongue [formerly Lyra Belacqua]: Lyra is the main protagonist and a dynamic character in the Golden Compass. She has dark blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Her dæmon is Pantalaimon who hasn’t settled in a permanent form yet. Dæmons are the physical form of a person’s soul. As a child they often change form, but after the child grows up, their dæmon establishes a permanent form. Lyra is the estranged daughter of Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel, who both basically got rid of her, and grew up with the scholars at Jordan College in Oxford. Although she grew up in a college, she had little formal education, only attending classes that interested her. Lyra was a rebellious and unruly child, who frustrated her caretakers and the scholars. She loved playing on the roof of the college and running all over Oxford. Despite her small amount of education, she is quick-witted and canny, which shows …show more content…
Mrs. Marisa Coulter: Mrs. Coulter is one of the main antagonists in the Golden Compass, Lyra’s mother, and a static character. Her dæmon is a golden lion tamarin whose name is unknown. She is described as being very beautiful, despite her appearance in the movie adaptation, having short black hair and dark eyes, wearing expensive, fashionable clothes, and talking in a soft, musical voice. Mrs. Coulter is cunning, persuasive, ruthless, and vicious, earning her the third spot for biggest villain in the Big Bad Read poll after Lord Voldemort and Sauron. She was originally a long-time agent of the Church, or Magisterium, before she defected. Mrs. Coulter is also the head and founder of the General Oblation Board (G.O.B.), more commonly known as the Gobblers. The Gobblers were notorious for kidnapping children and taking them to an unknown location, which was later found out to be an experimental lab called Bolvangar. There, she and the scientists would perform intercision, a process where they separate children from their dæmons, effectively cutting away their

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