Character Analysis Curley's Wife

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Curley's wife is an interesting individual. She is 15 Married to an owner's son of a ranch. She is the only girl on the farm and the only Child on the farm which is interfering with her childhood which is making her be acting not her age. She acts the way she does because she is skipping her childhood going right to adulthood which is why John Steinbeck is making her act like a tart. Of mice and me has Lennie be the more childish one. Which is why she died. Because she acted like an adult and tried to show off to lennie but she didn’t know what she got into. Curley’s wife is the only girl on the ranch and can’t talk to anyone without her husband being mad. She can’t express her feelings and can’t gossip or talk about any one like a normal girl her age in high school. The Guys don’t care about her because they think she's a tart but she has so many Hormones going threw her at that age and is making her act differently but the guys don’t understand because they didn’t have that at the age. All they care about is money but back …show more content…
All she does is stay in the house waiting for her husband to get home from work so she wanders around the farm “looking for her husband” because it's an excuse to start a conversation.” Think I like to stick in that house alla time”. (77) But the men ignore her because not only do they think she is a tart she’s the owners sons wife and they aren’t allowed to talk to her. “ I tell ya gut gets too lonely an’ he gets sick”. (73) All the men get mad when she tries to talk to them and are tired of both of them asking for each other because they just want to get there work done. Curley’s wife doesn’t like to be alone. No one does. “ Think I don’t like to talk to somebody every once in awhile”. (78) A lot of the people on the ranch are lonely but Curley’s wife it's the loneliness. She is the only girl, shes 15 and is married to the owner's son so people with tend to stay away from her because they like their

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