Curley's Wife Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… “ I’m jus’ lookin’ for somebody to talk to, don’t you ever just want to talk to somebody well I got nobody to talk to”(Curley’s wife 325). Curley’s wife just wants a friend and to make a conversation with someone. Curley’s wife was trying to make a conversation with Lennie. But everyone she tries to talk to are afraid to even look at her because of her jealous husband, Curley. Since, she is the only woman on the ranch and has nobody to talk to not even her own husband. I think women should have their “Girlys” to talk to share secrets and gossip.” Sure I got a man. He aint never home got nobody to be with think I can jus’ sit home and do nothing but cook for Curley”(Curley’s wife 350). Curley’s wife is truly lonely. Aren’t you supposed to be happy when you’re married? Yet she is still unhappy and

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