How Did Hypatia Contribute To Society

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The story of Hypatia is what led her to her upcoming and how she made an impact to society. Her father Theon of Alexandria, Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus influenced her in like and learning to love and have a passion for mathematics and everything that came with it. In her time of A.D she was the only woman who made a big difference. Hypatia was a popular teacher of interesting topics. She drew attention to herself by being phenomenal at what she did. Her words embraced others as much as herself by dedicating her life and virginity.She was a dedicated woman that loved at what she did and learned in her time she is an ancient woman of Alexandria that made a difference to our society of where Parabolas, hyperbolas and ellipses. Hypatia life just began let's see how it ends. She was an ancient woman in our society that made a difference is what we know and how we know it. Hypatia created things that we use to this day, she made history that …show more content…
There was said that she was the only child and another thing is said that she was the eldest of 12 or more. Hypatia was the first woman to substantial contribution of mathematics. She was trained in her speechify and having the ability to relay her knowledge to others. Hypatia was a for fortunate child. She learned many things from her father being like a tutor to her. She learned many things from her father that led her to the person she was and became. She was the end head of her Platonist school. There was brutal murders around her life that she felt threatened by her scholarship, and her learning depth knowledge of science. Hypatia always felt at risk in some ways that someone was just coming after her because of how intelligent she was and what she had and how much of impact on others she had made.

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