Phosphoric acid

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  • Phosphoric Acid Essay

    In our science fair project we will be testing the different amounts of PH in soda. To be properly informed on our project we are researching the related topics on the pH in soda. A substance is an acid if the pH is between 0 and 7, a base if the pH is between 7 and 14, and neutral if the pH is equal to 7. According to our research acid is in all soda. Acid is used in soda to add a more sharper taste. The acid will also help slow down the rate at which bacteria and mold will grow because of the sugary solution that is in soda. Phosphoric acid in soda is what causes the acidity. The phosphoric acid is corrosive. Fruit juices and drinks are also tart, but they do not use phosphoric acid. Beverages get their acid from citric acid, found in oranges,…

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  • Pepsi Experiment Lab Report

    U1 2.560 .228 .870 45.610 46.480 205.153 U2 2.607 .232 1.020 50.266 51.386 197.005 U3 3.374 .298 1.196 43.252 49.448 209.244 Ave 204 Unc ±12 RESULTS: The recorded concentrations of phosphoric acid content in Pepsi taken from three trials was found to be 204 ± 12 as listed in Table 1. Trials 1-4 show the results of the calibration solution which were used to calculate the phosphoric acid concentrations in the…

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  • The Importance Of Phosphites During WWII

    Where did phosphite come from? During WWII, rock phosphate was used as a white phosphorus incendiary and smoke screen. The shortage of rock phosphate concerned ag-officials and they began to look for alternative sources of phosphorus fertilizers. As a result, phosphonates were first considered as fertilizers in Germany and the United States during the 1930s and '40s. Rock phosphate is the beginning of most commercially made phosphorus products in the market today. Without the phosphate, many…

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  • Acid Base Titration

    Introduction Acid-base titrations are used to calculate properties of an acid or a base by titrating them with a strong Acid or base. In a titration, certain amount of volume of one substance usually a strong acid or base, a titrant, is added to another substance, an acid or base of some kind, until a change in properties are observed. Strong acids and bases are used because they allow the neutralization reaction between the acid and base into salt to go to completion. By titrating an unknown…

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  • Stoichiometry Lab Report

    The purpose of this experiment was to evaluate the stoichiometric relationship between the testing agents and to identify the products formed. The relationship was found by completing three acid and base neutralization reactions using phosphoric acid, which is a triprotic acid, with different volumes of sodium hydroxide. Introduction When looking at the coefficient of balanced equations, stoichiometry is seen. Coefficients represent the number of moles, equivalent to the mass of an atom, of…

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  • Dentin Adhesion Essay

    INTRODUCTION : The concept of dentin adhesion presently used involves the nanomechanical retention which is due to polymerisation of hydrophilic monomers around acid exposed collagen fibres.1 The entanglement of these monomers within the exposed collagen fibres gives rise to the so called Hybrid layer , which is also referred as Resin infiltrated Dentin layer.2 The presence of hybrid layer is important for attainment of a leakage free interface between the cavity walls and resin composite.2…

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  • Eggshell Research Paper

    carbonate, and soluble and insoluble proteins (Senese, 2010). The shell is covered with over seventeen thousand tiny pores allowing air to pass through. The semipermeable membrane covering the outer and inner shell membrane has an outermost coating called the cuticle to keep bacteria from entering the pores (Nelson, n.d.). The experiment will be conducted to determine which acid or base corroded most of the eggshell in the given amount of time. There will be a control group placed into…

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  • Acid Base Buffer System Essay

    Bases are electrolytes that mix with hydrogen ions. Hydrogen ions are in the body because of respiration. They can also be made because of oxidation of fatty acids, amino acids that contain sulphur and nucleic acids. The amount of hydrogen ions that in the body can be regulated in many different ways: Acid base buffer systems are located in body fluids and are chemicals such as the buffer phosphate system and the protein buffer system. The function of the respiratory system is to regulate the…

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  • Lignocellulosic Biomass: Analysis Of Pearl Millet Biomass

    Lignocellulosic biomass consists of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, proteins, acids, salts and minerals. Chemical composition is also one of the important factors for biofuel production. Moisture content of raw pearl millet biomass was (8 %) and ash content (6.27 %) was obviously higher than that the literature report of 3.8 % (Dhabhai et al., 2012). The proximate analysis of pearl millet biomass revealed that moisture (8±0.32%), ash (6.27±0.08%), total solids (92±0.14%), water extractives…

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  • Buffers Lab Report

    All living systems contain buffer solutions to sustain the structure and activity of biological components such as DNA, RNA, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Buffer solutions are remarkably resistant to pH changes and generally consist of a weak acid and its conjugate base or a weak base and its conjugate acid. In the laboratory, artificially made buffers are often used to help maintain a biological system at the proper pH. A laboratory buffer should be inert in the system being studied.…

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