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  • Phobia Essay

    Many people claim to have a phobia without full understanding of the difference between a phobia and plain fear. A phobia is an irrational fear of an object or experience that not only tends to last a long time, but their sense of endangerment exists regardless of the fact that the person knows their extreme fear reaction is irrational. A phobia is a learned behavior that a person’s genetics seem to play a role in the initial development of. This indicates to, phobia being apart of both nurture and nature but nurture having a greater effect in the activation and further development. The activation of this disorder is usually linked a particular even making this learned behavior, classical conditioning, as it’s initiated by a stimulus, a feeling of endangerment paired with the neutral object, conditioning the person to associate the neutral object with a feeling of endangerment. You can have a strong fear of an object, but not have it affect your life so much that you have a phobia for it. I am terrified of snakes and used to think I had a phobia. This fear came from a bad experience when I was about seven years old when a group of kids saw a snake and decide to mess with it. Naturally the snake responded by trying to attack the kids. From that day…

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  • Dangers Of Phobias

    Are you scared of heights or tight, enclosed spaces? Of the wriggly legs of a spider? You might be frightened of these things, but people with phobias are actually impaired physically or psychologically by them. They experience extreme panic attacks, heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, or even fainting! These are not the symptoms of a normal fright, but rather of a phobic, a person who has a phobia. Phobics avoid the object of their fear at all costs, to the point where it is unreasonably…

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  • Educational Phobia

    Special people come from special places. America’s schools desire the ability to make every child important, yet, they attempt to achieve individualism through standardization. By entrenching themselves in the philosophy that if one child fails, all fail, and that children are not to be trusted, they ensure that no one succeeds in the first place. This educational phobia makes every policy designed to encourage the individual only address children as statistical groups. Educational phobia in…

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  • Essay On Phobias

    Phobias: Fear of something. Wikipedia free dictionary says that phobia is a type of anxiety Disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation the affected persons will go, to great lengths to avoid, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed. My paper is on the treatment of phobias and the medicines that are part of the therapy treatment. A trusted friend or family member is always good to have when confronting the phobias. Web MD is who I quoted for most of…

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  • Symptoms Of Phobias

    making it a phobia. Phobias are sometimes caused by traumatic events causes in childhood. There are three main types of phobias: agoraphobia, social phobia, and specific phobias. Agoraphobia is a fear of places where escape might not be easy or where help might not be available if something bad happens. It causes people with a phobia in this category to have anxiety about being in places or situations where it might be difficult or embarrassing to escape, such as being in an elevator. In severe…

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  • Phobia Case Studies

    studies on Phobia, and lots of people and children that are born with it or may come to discover that they have a disorder. It’s a fear one gets of something as a Bee or to something as into heights. We may think having a Phobia may not affect us bit it’s such a bigger deal then we may think its affects the life of one there relationship even there work averment. Phobia comes from genes of a family member that might have a phobia and we never know about it, it’s something that is interesting to…

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  • Fear And Phobias Essay

    Fears are irrational, yet every human being has them. Fears are adaptive human responses, but when left untreated; those minor fears can turn into something unimaginable. These fears transform into exaggerated irrational fears which are known to be called phobias. There are now 600 recognized phobias by the medical profession and there’s more waiting to be discovered. Fears and phobias can be managed and cured. The three major types of treatments are behavior therapy, self-help, and medications.…

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  • Phobias Research Paper

    Phobias How common are phobias in individuals? What are different triggers that cause these phobias? Possibly the sight of an object or an animal. Approximately 4 to 5 percent of the US population has one or more significant phobias in a given year (Bresset, 2014). Phobias are very common in many individuals, but the causes are not always known. Most people do not know how to get over common phobias. However, we do not know what causes them, symptoms of phobias, or how to treat their phobias. …

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  • Research Paper On Phobias

    A phobia is defined as an irrational fear of something that can sometimes pose little or no real danger. In this paper we will look further into what a phobia really is and the theories and experiments behind them. There have been many experiments behind phobias including one experiment conducted by John B. Watson known as The Little Albert Experiment. We will dig deeper into this experiment and others later in the paper. According to the National Institute of Mental Health more than 10 million…

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  • Specific Phobia Essay

    Specific Phobia Specific phobia is defined as the occurrence of intense and abnormal fear when exposed to a specific object, person or situation. To be diagnosed with specific phobia, the fear must cause last over 6 months and cause severe and debilitating anxiety or distress. There are five categories that all specific phobias fall into: animals (such as sharks), situations (such as planes), blood, injections and injury (such as getting a needle), natural environment (such as storms) and other…

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