Summary: Data Integrity

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Data Integrity

Data Integrity in an organisation such as Kirby College must ensure Data integrity is an assurance that stores confidential data over the network and those only authorised are granted access. This should only be controlled through environmental physical of the network. The people in Kirby College must install security systems located around the important parts of the building, as this will prevent any security servers and network breach which will stop unauthorised users. The security level must be configured on users account so that staff and students in Kirby College can only access certain information that match the security level which are only necessary. Files that are confidential must be protected with strong password and configure the security level on the file to prevent information being accessed by users who are unauthorised. Access control list must be used so that staff in Kirby
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If staff with access rights had their own contract revised or reviewed or their position in Kirby College changed then access rights needs to be changed with them. They will need to review the rights and access these information’s that they may need or use. The information they do not need or do will need to removed or added. The network administrator and the assistant must have over their network a full access setup on their accounts so they can configure the network management in a group. Other users such as students on the network should not be allowed to access the whole network. They only should have access to certain files in their own department, the network group can be produced for each of these departments for example only the department that handles the finance will only have access to related files that are financial. All these for user rights and access rights are

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