Hospital Administrator Case Study

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1. The message I would have received as a hospital administrator from this video would have been:
The importance of keeping my organization's information secure from anyone else not permitted to have my knowledge, and more specifically the knowledge of my patient's care as well as their demographic information. It is my responsibility as a hospital administrator to keep my data secure, and whether that means hiring a IT security company or maintaining a high security software is my responsibility in order to stay within HIPPA guidelines.
2. I would hope that I as a hospital administrator would already have the appropriate safeguards in place to keep my organizations data secure, and in this case this video would only represent the urgency
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Data produced in the world of healthcare is faced with security challenges, maintenance of ethical standards, and affects it has on society. Viruses are one of the main sources of data security breaches, as well as causing many ethical issues. whatever software or IT support is selected to support anti data breaches they must have minimal unnecessary risk exposure. Hacking is another form of data security breaches. Appropriate firewalls need to be installed in order to stop hackers from entering your data systems. firewalls need to be upgraded quite often, since hackers will find out new ways to get through security barriers. Privacy issues are also another acute issue when dealing with company data, and it does not just pertain to information of patients, it can also include information of its employees. Misuse of company data by its employees can also become a type of breach of data. no matter what ype of data breach is involved with a company's data it is the ethical and legal responsibility of each company to implement a sound deterent by either having the best anti breach threat from a particular software or IT support to keep risks to a minimum. Once data is secure it can be such an essential part of a healthcare organization to have all data in one location so that it can make both financial and staffing decisions, and most importantly patient data that allows for the decisions of accurate patient care.


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