Nt2580 Unit 3 Assignment 3 Cover Letter Sample

I’m writing to you in response to your vacancy for the position of IT Security Specialist. I think that you’ll find that I am uniquely qualified with a broad set of skills.
In 2014, I joined Renaissance RX as a help desk technician, but my eagerness to learn pushed me into several projects alongside security engineers where I helped to evaluate Palo Alto firewalls, Carbon Black whitelisting, and Dell encryption. I was also assigned to a project to deploy BMC Footprints Asset Core within our environment. Since much of our outside sales team worked using SaaS software using iPads, I also became the subject matter expert on mobility management using VMWare Airwatch.
In 2015, much of my work was on a small research project, managing between two and three hundred Android tablets. The most valuable thing that my time at Ochsner exposed me to were the ideas and methodologies for standardizing and automating security across a massive, multi-site enterprise (around 30,000 endpoints). During my time there I also participated in LANDesk training, where I learned how Ochsner provisions and deploys to their endpoints.
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Working alone, I immersed myself in this environment and worked toward removing inefficiencies, security oversights, and business continuity issues.
As I hope you’ll see, the high-security, HIPAA-compliant environments that I’ve worked in have exposed me to policies, products, and procedures that I can bring to your organization to help strengthen your information security program. Additionally, my expertise in securing iOS and Android mobile devices means that I can help mitigate threats to this increasingly significant portion of your computing

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