Health Effects Of Air Pollution

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The Central Valley has played an important role in California being the strongest economic state in the country. The Central Valley, which population centers comprise of Fresno, Clovis, Modesto, and Visalia, have contributed substantially to California’s economy by being one of its leading agricultural producers. In contrast to its city-orientated “brother” in south California, or the “Bay area,” the Central Valley does not typically have busy streets, tall buildings, sandy beaches, and Hollywood celebrities. Instead, the Valley has unobtrusive roads, beautiful orchards and vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see, and everyday middle-class Americans. This makes it ideal, geographically, for one to carry out their agricultural endeavors …show more content…
These include changes in breathing, pollution dose, and nasal defenses: at submaximal exercise levels (at a power output of approximately 100 W or ventilation of approximately 35 L/min) breathing switches from mainly nasal to mainly oral, which causes the nasal filtration system to be bypassed, potentially increasing pollutant dose, which may intensify the health effects of air pollution (Giles & Koehle 2014). Regular exposure to poor quality is bad enough as it is, but seeing how children spend more time outdoors than do adults, they have increased exposure to outdoor air pollution, which, especially during childhood, has numerous consequences for wellbeing. Furthermore, experts determine that air pollution is associated with respiratory health of children, which causes slight decrease in respiratory function in children who live in areas like the central California (Tabaku, Bejtja, Bala, Toci, & Resuli 2011). Thus, it is important to be aware of the severe effects of air pollution in the Valley for not just social and economic reasons, but the wellbeing of children should also serve enough for one to be informed and for one to do their part in trying to reduce air

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