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  • Why Liberalism Is Right For America Chapter Summary

    Liberally Speaking: Why Liberalism is Right for America written by Stephen J. Natoli is about the liberal view on the left side of the left-right political spectrum. One main idea of the book is to provide an educated view on the liberal side of politics and explain how an open mind can only make the "land of the free,” freer. Chapter three through five concentrates on what liberals believe. This includes: ethics, peace, equality, freedom, and science. These are just a few of the several…

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  • Light And Objective Lens Essay

    When a lens produces an image, the size of it corresponds to the focal length of the lens. The smaller the focal length, the smaller the image and the longer the focal length the bigger the image. How bright an image may be solely depends on the amount of light collected by the objective lens. How much light can be collected corresponds to the area of the objective lens. So the bigger the objective lens, the more light can be collected. If you want to increase the light gathering power by 4, you…

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  • Atomic Spectra Lab Report

    The purpose of this spectroscopy, atomic spectra, and light lab was to further your understanding of how different gases are given specific wavelengths based on the variety of color that their light gives off. (Grossie, 285). Every ion gives off a different light configuration based on the amount of energy they hold. (Grossie, 285). A spectroscope is used to break down the light given off by the gas into different colored lines in different areas on the scope. The measure of these lines is what…

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  • Authoritarianism Vs Right-Wing

    Sangeeta Rana In this essay I will talk about 4 different kinds of economic and social policies, and how they correspond to a right-wing, left-wing, libertarian or authoritarian policies. In the first paragraph I will explain the difference between the right and left-wing and in the second one it will be the difference between a libertarian and authoritarian policies. In the third one I will talk and explain which one of the left-wing or right-wing is an example of the one of the two economic…

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  • Fine Motor Control Study

    conducted a case-control study using computerized visual representations of emotional facial expressions to simulate real life situations. The use of a 3D avatar was used in three stages to study and improve emotion recognition in children with autism spectrum disorder. Stage one, participants were asked to interpret what emotion the avatar was feeling. Stage two participants were given different scenarios and were asked to guess what emotion the avatar would feel based on that specific…

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  • What Is The Cause Of Autism?

    there are certain challenges that the child and his or her family must go through. Luckily, there has been great growth and support for helping children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in recent years. The have been many organizations that have made it their purpose to improve the lives of those who are on the spectrum and their families. Autism is used as a “blanket” term for multiple problems that affect the development of the brain. These can result from low-functioning…

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  • Autism And Music Therapy

    which can often lead to social isolation, however there has been research that suggests that music and art therapy can help those with the disorder improve their social skills. Music and art Therapy has a positive effect on individuals with autism Spectrum disorder which is also known as ASD. Since It helps increase communication skills, child-parent relationships, and social skills. Music has always been engaging and provides one with the ability to get in touch with one 's emotions. Music…

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  • The Importance Of Diversity Into The Classroom

    Faculty and staff of Trion High School, Our world is continually changing and becoming more diverse each and every schoolyear. The demographics of our community show up to our schools, and we must create paths to accomodate their differences into our classrooms. We are currently facing an entourage of hispanic , autistic, and low socioeconomic students entering our school system. It is our job to effectively teach them at the same level that we teach kids that we can closely identify with.…

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  • Johnathan Case Study

    Johnathan is diagnosed with autism, developmental delay, failure to thrive, Cerebral Palsy, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. Jonathan uses a wheelchair and walker to aid with walking. Johnathan has a history of hearing lost, seizures and aggressive behaviors. There are concerns of calories intake because of concerns of lack of a healthy weight gain. Johnathan had hearing aid in the past to assist with hearing lost, however Johnathan broke all his hearing aid devices. Johnathan is…

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  • Special Education Needs

    Children who develop differently from their peers stand to be viewed differently by people as well. Special education needs and disabilities (SEND) may impede children from being treated normally, as it may be believed that they should be treated with kid gloves. However, even Vygotsky, a world-renowned psychologist hypothesized that “a child whose development is impeded by a defect is not simply a child less developed than his peers but is a child who has developed differently” (Vygotsky, 1993…

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