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  • Autism The Musical Analysis

    Watching Autism: The Musical showed me how students with autism and other developmental disabilities interacted in a social setting such as creating a musical. More importantly, this film highlighted how parents cope with their child having developmental disabilities and the struggles they face. The director of the play adopted her son, Neal at twenty-three months and immediately knew he was different. Neal would scream and have tantrums. There came a point where Neal would not speak. She…

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  • Summary Of Baron-Cohen's Theory-Of-Mind Theory

    In 1987, Baron-Cohen introduced the theory-of-mind hypothesis of autism. In his hypothesis he gave an explanation for the social and communication disabilities in the autism disorder. Baron-Cohen’s tests showed that most children with autism with greater mental and verbal abilities than a four-year-old could not pass the same tests as the four-year-old could. These tests included the Sally-Anne false-belief task which involves a story in which Sally leaves her doll in a basket and goes out to…

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  • Apa Case Study On Autism

    poor or some of the wealthiest individuals. Therefore, those that are economically disadvantaged needs the services and they must be affordable. The Problem According to the Autism Speaks Initiative, “Because research shows that those with autism spectrum disorder face more serious coverage and bene-fit gaps than…

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  • Nodding Syndrome Case Study

    As the term suggests, nodding syndrome is primarily characterized by bobbing of the head. It occurs involuntarily and repetitively in children and is sometimes associated with waking early in the morning, eating and exposure to cold weather. The majority of children appear to function normally prior to its onset but their functions deteriorate as the disease progresses. Nodding occurs for longer durations and more frequently following its onset. Then, tonic-clonic and psychomotor seizures…

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  • Congenital Malformation Research Paper

    Congenital malformations is a physical defect present at birth, irrespective of whether the defect is caused by a genetic factor or by events existing before or at birth. In a malformation, the development of a structure is arrested, delayed or misdirected early in embryonic life and the effect is permanent. 1 For centuries, skeletal deformities have fascinated many civilizations. For example, the Egyptian God path was depicted as a short limbed dwarf and metabolic bone disorders were recognised…

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  • What Role Do Genes Play In The Development Of Autism

    Genes and biological processes are both involved in the development and the core features of autism. Research shows that genes play a significant role in autism. Researchers have discovered that several genes work together in the development autism. Some of the key genes have been identified for certain types of autism; however, more research is needed to determine the exact genes that trigger each type of autism. Our brains go through a process called synaptic pruning. This process eliminates…

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  • Reflective Summary Of The Article 'Tracking Babies'

    The results of this study relate to material we have been discussing in class because we have learned about face processing and perceptual narrowing. At 3 months, infants can discriminate between happy, surprise, and anger facial expressions whereas at 7 months the infants can also discriminate between facial expressions of fear, sadness, and interest. Perceptual narrowing comes into place because it describes that the more exposure the infant has to specific sensory information such as a…

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  • Summary: The Cause Of Autism

    The cause of Autism is still unknown and the search for a cure is still underway. However, each medication used to treat Autism can causes a great number of dangerous side effects. These side effects can alter the child, potentially, for the rest of their life. The medication are far from helping 100 percent of the symptoms. There are highly successful method that have no lasting harmful effects on the child's physical body and they have the potential to cure 100 percent of the symptom. These…

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  • The Importance Of Common Core State Standards

    have struggled to understand what CCSS really is. Is CCSS a standard or a program? If you talk about a program then you are not talking about the standard. Thereby the debate is skewed away from the standard with the activists from both political spectrums making ground. In the meanwhile there has been a minimizing what an educational standard represents. Repeatedly through history education has been a flashpoint for both…

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  • ROMAC Stability Test Fig

    centering includegraphics[width=8cm]{Fig15.pdf} caption{Mode paramenters} label{fig15} end{figure} Using the sine-swept excitation method, we did both backward and forward excitaions for the test rig, and Fig. ef{fig16:subfig} shows the full spectrum waterfall for the left bearing (Node 10). Using the idenitification method [Li], the first mode parameters are estimated (1B: f=85.3Hz, LogDec=0.726; 1F: 86.3Hz, LogDec=0.442). By comparing the prdicted and measured first forward mode parameters…

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