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  • Aldol Condensation Synthesis

    The purpose of this experiment was to use aldol condensation methods to synthesize colored cyclopentadienone and then UV/VIS spectrophotometry to characterize the dienone structure synthesized. The information gathered from the UV/VIS analysis was then compared to a computer model of the desired product to analyze the optimal 3D structure of the dienone. The base catalyzed condensation reaction was used to form the product for analysis, followed by vacuum filtration to recover the product. Both…

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  • Student Engagement In The Classroom: Article Analysis

    Article Critique of Student Engagement in the Classroom: The Impact of Classroom, Teacher, and Student Factors Discussion The core emphasis of this research article was joint coordinate engagement by students with or without autism spectrum disorders. There are two main objectives present throughout the article. The first concept is the relationship between environmental classroom factors and student coordinated joint engagement (Steinbrenner, 2015, p. 2394). The second concept is the…

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  • Uneventful Childhood Development: A Case Study

    Just recently was nephew was placed on an autism spectrum. Throughout his life he always presented with different qualities. He would break out crying, falling out, and throwing things. When he turned three we took him and got him examined, and told us he was on the spectrum for autism. My love for a special needs child grew much fonder. There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability (Sharron Angle, n.d). My sister had a very hard…

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  • Verbal Aspects Analysis

    Typical codes and conventions of Billboard: 3 visual images 2 separated text black and white colors. In this visual we can see the letter ‘M’ with a big scale and a slogan at its bottom; a fries box in the middle of the billboard, in front of the fries box we have another text and on its right we have a clown holding a knife in his right hand. The billboard seem like it is placed on the highway. Verbal Aspects Analysis I’m hatin’ it: Verbal sign The message behind this text: The masthead of…

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  • The Brain Split Case Study

    The brain split case was first discovered in the laboratory by Roger Sperry and Ronal Meyers. The brain split was first tested on humans in 1961. Patients were not capable to transport most of the data starting with one half of the their head to the other. This meant that there were two differentiate brains. Micheal Gazzaniga completed further analyses which demonstrated the left side of the hemisphere on adjusting for its absence of information, and additionally endeavors toward the right side…

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  • Conflicts Faced By Groups In Mexico During The 19th Century

    Throughout history, people of color have struggled due to prevailing and repressive conditions. History has shown many groups were willing to challenge governmental ideologies and laws because it when against the idea of democracy that the west has created for the rest of the world. Groups like the students activist were willing to risk their lives in order to challenge and question the same government that was established to protect them. The idea of democratic government that was established…

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  • Example Of A Claimant Case Study

    The claimant was an 18-year-old man. Alleged disability: autism, learning disability, behavioral problems, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). His mother reported that he needed reminders to take a bath and to take his psychotropic medications. He had difficulty with memory, concentration, completing tasks, understanding and following instructions, and getting along with others because “some people don’t understand his condition.” He had difficulty handling stress and…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Dog Food Ads

    Dog food advertisers often use personification and factual claims to support their positions. The most common arguments include that their brand is healthier for your dog and will allow them to live longer. Pedigree took a different approach with a recent ad and presented the importance of relationships between a dog and their owner. The ad displays a lonely man on the beach in one image, and the same image on the right side but with the inclusion of a dog. This Pedigree ad uses the man and the…

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  • Equine Effects On Autism

    overall quality of life of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but there was not as large of a difference compared to the control group as they hypothesized (Lanning et al., 2014). Gabriels et al. (2012) did a pilot study to evaluate the effects of equine therapy on self-regulation behaviors, adaptive skills, and motor skills of school age children to adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This study had 42 participants that were split up into groups of three to four to…

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  • The Environment Is Both Cruel And Inhumane

    Economics or Environment, these are the two E’s we have to fight between. For decades now, there has been a war to stop climate change, but to do this we would have to sacrifice our economy. This has become one of the various topics that has caused a polarization of America. The left wants to protect the environment for future generations but the right wants to protect the economy for future generations. This isn’t an easy decision by no means for either side but the decision must be made and it…

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