Analysis Of Shearing The Sheep

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• Rectangular painting, divided into top third roof and lower thirds is ground, the floor board.
• Scene is set in daytime, in a building with brown pillars that has sheep with the wools being shaved.
• The colours of the floor board and the sheep are consistently pale browns with their skin and shaved wool cream in colour; the rooftop of the building is dark, predominantly browns, with black lines between it for the right side of the roof top, and dark grey rectangular on the left side.
• The building is divided into 3 parts, the left side where the rams are kept, the center pillars, and the right side where the shearing take place. There are 9 visible center pillars align starting from left side of the painting towards the center of the painting
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3 of the men in a group on the left side of the shed. Then, there are 16 other people on the right side of the shed.
• On the right, 5 of them are shearing the rams, 2 are carrying a wool, 1 is carrying a ram, 1 is sweeping or mopping the floor, 2 are squatting, 1 is drinking water, 1 is standing on the rightmost, 1 is sitting in the dark background, 2 are standing facing each other in between the right and left side of the shed.
• A group of men at the back, left side of the shed, there is a man’s figure in blue clothes, a man leaning on the wall, next to him, a man standing wearing a
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By virtue of proximity to the viewer, the man in the center of the painting wearing the red-white stripes shirt, he is painted with the lightest colour compared to other man in the painting and the largest man depicted, hence, he is assumed the utmost prominence. He is also wearing a white trousers that seems stained by brown colour. It could be seen that there is a smoke pipe on his right side. He has a beard and veins on his hand has been highlighted with a lighter colour than his hand. He is also shown holding a tool beneath the wool of the sheared ram. His foot is covered by the wool.
• The figure right behind him, is wearing a brown shirt which the majority of shirt colour worn by the figures depicted in the painting; he is also holding a cutting tool on his hand beneath the wool and wearing a strap on his leg. The boy on the left of the painting is wearing a blue shirt with bare foot. While the man carrying a ram shown wearing a brown shirt, black shoes and have a beard. A man squatting on the right of the painting is portrayed wearing a safari hat, blue shirt, vest jacket, white pants and

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