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  • Life Animated Film Analysis

    “Who decides what a meaningful life is?” Ron Suskind asks this insightful question while talking about his son, Owen, who has autism. He is saying that just because someone has autism, that doesn’t mean they can’t live a meaningful life. Some people think that autism means that the people who have it can’t have normal lives, but who decides what’s normal? Owen shares his story in the documentary Life Animated, a touching and eye-opening documentary that allows viewers to enhance their…

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  • False Memory And Regression Analysis

    My user ID number was 461357 which put me in the experimental group during this experiment. My time on day one was 67.419. During that time, I had 6 hits, 4 misses, 3 false alarms, 7 correct rejections, and a discrimination index of .732. During day 2 I had 4 hits, 6 misses, 3 false alarms, 7 correct rejections, and a discrimination index of .598, I did all of that in the time of 54.667. B. 1. If people view the same foils on both days, then they will have poorer discrimination index and…

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  • Early Intervention

    Early intervention programs are provided all over the United States to premature infants to age three, but sometimes it can even go beyond if approved during certain situations. Early intervention programs vary from state to state with rules and regulations, but overall it helps children that are born with disabilities or developmental delays during the time they should be developing the skills that a normal developing child would have developed. These children can be either be environmentally…

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  • Intellectual Disorder Case Study

    Primary diagnosis: Speech and language delays. Secondary diagnosis: Intellectual disability. The claimant was a 7 year and 11 month old boy. Alleged disability: learning disability, could not speak understandable words, could not tie his shoes, could not wipe himself after using the toilet, and hyperactivity. His mother reported that he was unable to cut geometric shapes with scissors, unlock a key lock, could not follow simple directions, and did not say his last name when asked for his…

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  • Asperger's Syndrome Essay

    or somewhere else: What is Asperger’s Syndrome? Asperger’s Syndrome is the most mildest of the Autism Spectrum disorders, with the most mildest of symptoms (...Fact Sheet). It may seem otherwise, but Asperger’s, (or autism in general), is very common. It is estimated that one in eighty-eight children will be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (or ASD) (...Fact Sheet). The Autism Spectrum is a range of symptoms one with autism can have, ranging from mild to severe (What Is Asperger’s…

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  • Autism Personal Statement Essay

    challenging thing I have done thus far in my life. With the exponential growth of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis, it is paramount I become an informed, empowered, and exceptional educator to better support individuals with ASD. By obtaining a Master’s degree from Georgia State University in Multiple and Severe Disabilities, with a concentration in Special Education General and Adapted Curriculum (Autism Spectrum Disorders), I will be highly qualified and primed with optimal skills to…

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  • Assignment 1: Article Analysis

    Question 1: Flores, M., Musgrove, K., Renner, S., Hinton, V., Strozier, S., Franklin, S., & Hil, D. (2012). A comparison of communication using the Apple iPad and a picture-based system. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 28(2), 74-84. I found this article by performing a search on Google scholar. The article is available for download on Taylor and Francis Online. The search terms that I used were “study” “iPad” “teaching” “disability” and “using”. I chose this article because…

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  • Visual Schedules

    information longer and more accurately when the routine is presented visually instead of auditory (Schneider & Goldstein 2010). However, Autistic children have deficits in their communication and social skills. Specifically, children with autistic spectrum disorder will often not respond to adults or other children. They will rarely start a conversation or speak when not directly addressed. Visual based interventions have often been used to help children with Autism to improve their social and…

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  • Evolution Of Autism In Public Schooling: Article Analysis

    Raiti, C. (2014). Evolution of Autism in Public Schooling. Educ 300: Education Reform, Past and Present. Retrieved from http://commons.trincoll.edu/edreform/2014/04/evolution-of-autism-in-public-schooling/ Raiti makes multiple accurate arguments about the factors of autism throughout the article, which includes an altered definition of autism. According to the article, Raiti is curious to find out how the teaching strategies for this population have changed from the 1930’s to the present and…

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  • Conservative In Today's Society

    Conservative in modern times has become merely an antonym to the word “liberal”. The word has a one-sided label but embodies several different dimensions that most people fail to recognize. The word needs to be changed in order to be more accompanying of its non-political usage that is often overlooked. Conservative is used to describe a wide variety of people with such variation in cultural dynamics. Although, the word conservative has remained relatively selective to politics in today’s…

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