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  • Business Unit 9 P5

    The task in which I was given was to create a presentation, using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, to advertise The Redhill Academy. The information given to us was that the presentation was for an adult audience, and that we could not use any of the pre-set templates in the software. To begin with, I decided to create a design for my presentation. I did this as I wanted my presentation to look consistent and professional. I used the Slide Master feature in PowerPoint to create the design as it meant that I could have the same design on all of my information slides, and that I could have a different design for my title page. On the slide master, I used the Master Slide Layout slide to create the main design for my slides. I used red and blue lines, and put these going down the left hand side of my slide, as I thought that it looked simple, yet effective and made the presentation look professional. I used the colours red and blue as they are the same as in the Redhill logo, and I wanted my presentation’s colour scheme to link to the topic of it. Furthermore, the Redhill Academy has two ‘outstanding’ Ofsted reports. I put these at the top, as I know that the audience read from the top to the bottom of a section of information, and they will see the Ofsted logo first, as it is at the top and is eye-catching. At first, I decided to put the images in the bottom right hand corner of the slide, however I did not believe that it looked as professional as it does on the top of the slide.…

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  • Sunday Morning Worship Services At Rivers Chapel United Methodist Church

    Services at Rivers Chapel United Methodist Church. The first commentary dealt with the “Word and Table Service” (January 3, 2016). The second commentary deals with January 10, 2016 service on Baptism. The January 3, 2016 Worship Service Program follows the 2016 (Year C) Lectionary Calendar found on the internet. The program not only gave the order of service, it also provided information concerning what period of the Christian year we were worshipping in. On the program, we introduced the…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem Myth By Natasha Trethewey

    emphasis on her words. For example, she writes, “You’ll be dead again tomorrow. The Erebus I kept you in -- still, trying --” She uses the dashes to make the pauses in between the words longer, but also breaking them off abruptly. By using the dashes she adds length to the sentence, and adds emphasis on the words “still” and “trying.” Which makes me feel the darkness in the words she writes, as if she is still trying to sleep, still trying to move on, still trying to accept her mother’s death.…

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  • Michael Hodge Analysis

    story needs to come in at a minimum of 600 words (at least two full double spaced typed pages, or about four full handwritten pages). We will introduce advanced revision strategies during class. Your revised, final copy of your narrative paper, with at last one worked over rough draft, will be due on November 16, 2016. Your paper must also include the following: one correctly used semi-colon or colon; one correct gerund or “ing” verb phrase; one correctly written exchange of dialogue; and one…

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  • I Am By John Clare Poem Summary

    The lines of asterisks cannot block the flow of grief because it is carried on the back of the rhyme. In “I Am!” there are two rhyme schemes, one for the first stanza and the other encompassing the las two stanzas, but the rhyme itself ends with the stanza. To connect the two stanzas that do not share a rhyme scheme, Clare uses enjambment. “I Am!” flows in event, with all of the stanzas existing together. “Disabled,” on the other hand, spans a period of time, with past, present, and future all…

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  • Freedom Of Speech In Rick Mckee's Political Cartoon

    cold war where communists always dressed in some form of red. Color has the power to convey and communicate meanings without words. Color increases a brand or picture’s recognition up to 80 percent. Furthering his point of view, Rick McKee uses the speech bubbles in the background of the cartoon through visual element to communicate. The right has a speech bubble which reads free speech, with an asterisk which means something is being omitted. The cartoonist uses exaggeration on the left’s mouth…

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  • Canadian Tire Case Study

    Canadian Tire hosted a million dollar giveaway, where it is visibly guaranteed that a lucky shopper will win a prize of one million dollars. When the underlined “will” is seen, it suggests that the winner of the giveaway is certainly receiving the listed prize money. An asterisk is placed beside the word “win”, meaning there is further information regarding the winning factor of the prize. The money piles are all in Canadian dollars which lead to the assumption that the prize will be in Canadian…

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  • Adler's How To Mark A Book

    In “How to Mark a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler to be an active reader, there is more to it than just reading. By assessing how important Mortimer emphasizes the importance of writing in a book I made sure to clarify how one can write in a book. Like in this sentence, “According to Adler, there are plenty of ways one can mark in a book; underlining, vertical lines at the margin, asterisk, numbers in the margin, circling or highlighting, writing in the margin at the bottom or top, etc.” (Chavez 1).…

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  • Role Of Allophones In Distinctive Feature Theory

    central Vanuatu, he explains that what most likely occurred was that apicolabials began as labials, but then shifted to either back to labials or to dentals and alveolars as the Bislama language encroached on other languages and assimilated to easier phonemes. This process of apicolabial change is known as the apicolabial shift (Lynch 2005). When sampling the data to find how apicolabials appeared and changed during the apicolabial shift, linguists extracted data from the Proto-Oceanic language,…

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  • Descriptive Essay On The Odyssey

    He sits himself in the spot he had been occupying the whole year, underneath the shade of an oak, enjoying the flickering filtered light of leaves beneath the sun dappling his vision. He takes out his books and laptop and begins by lighting another cigarette, inhaling the burning sensation and feeling it flicker around in his mouth. He rereads a few passages, highlights some lines, types something. The Odyssey is a heavy and thick book, both context and size-wise, the paper is a fine yellowed,…

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