Michael Hodge Analysis

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Preview: In the 1990s Galveston College had an outstanding English instructor named Michael Hodge. Michael was one of the most anti-authoritarian and impertinent persons I have ever met. Sometimes he liked to dispute with people just to for the sake of holding them accountable for their thinking and ideas, which is to say he would dispute people’s beliefs even when he might have completely agreed with everything that person was saying. Then at age 48 he went to bed one night and had his impertinent self one hell of a heart attack. Just like that he was gone. It was a devastating blow to the college. So why talk about Michael Hodge? Well, for one, just because I like to remember a colleague and good friend. And there is a second reason: because …show more content…
Your story can be true, partially true, concocted, an embellishment, pure fabrication, an outright lie, a farce, a fable, a fantasy, a tall tale, a cautionary tale, an allegory, a dissembling; it can be a bit avant-garde or even a joke. It can be anything just so long as it is not boring. It’s that …show more content…
Do some additional exploratory freewriting in your journal with two or three of the brainstormed ideas you came up with. Many of you will have stories related to Hurricane Ike, the evacuation, and the times and events in your life since then. Just remember, make your story interesting.

Details of the Assignment: To begin, your story needs to come in at a minimum of 600 words (at least two full double spaced typed pages, or about four full handwritten pages). We will introduce advanced revision strategies during class. Your revised, final copy of your narrative paper, with at last one worked over rough draft, will be due on November 16, 2016.

Your paper must also include the following: one correctly used semi-colon or colon; one correct gerund or “ing” verb phrase; one correctly written exchange of dialogue; and one exclamation point. Each of these sentences should be underlined, italicized, or highlighted so I do not have to go searching or guessing. Lastly, one sentence you must identify with an asterisk as “polished” At the bottom of the page or at the end of the paper you will give the explanation of how you revised the asterisk sentence to produce a “polished” sentence. Explain how it was weak or inadequate to begin with and what you did to fix, improve, or strengthen the

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