Reflective Essay: The Introductory Paragraph Of My Writing

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My introduction paragraph was not up to the senior level writing. My writing simply didn’t make a clear path that allowed me to carry my ideas throughout the whole paper. The flow of each sentence was choppy and that made it difficult for anyone reading this paper get into the essay; therefore, I need to start including transitional words, phrase, or sentence so the reader and I can easily read my essay faster and with ease. Another thing that I would change is the thesis that I made. It was generic. The thesis is suppose to tell the reader your point of view is, but mine just strays off from what I was originally talking about then to a completely different thing. I would begin to change it by following my guidelines to making an introductory paragraph perfect and standing, I’d clearly state the thesis with sentence backing up what I’m saying. I’d also give the paragraph a little spice with a variety of sentences. …show more content…
In the beginning of my paragraph it didn’t start with a topic I mentioned in the introductory paragraph. For my next paragraph I’ll make sure I begin my paragraph with a topic sentence that relates to my intro and bring fresh sentences in my body. I needed more body paragraphs instead of having one large so my ideas are more. I’d erase the large paragraph and let each idea have their own paragraph. Also, I needed more textual evidence from the book. I would fix this by going back to make a Tiqa Tiqa and organize my body paragraphs before starting. My paragraph was sort of all over the place so I would delete the unnecessary thoughts that don’t go with the topic of discussion. I’d also change my word choices so it wouldn’t be as boring, and it could give it some vibrantness to the

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