The Importance Of College Writing

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Title Enrolling the EOF program has lighten up a path in life that would have gone completely undiscovered had I walked alone. Along the path was my introduction to college writing, a class that has improved my writing skills profoundly. At first the tasks given to us on the syllabus seemed daunting, almost insurmountable within the five-week period of the program; it seemed even more inconceivable with the class being only twice a week. However, with the guidance and instruction given to me by the professor and peers I was able to strengthen my work as a student. I was able to overcome my fear of essays with the techniques like close reading and asking myself critical thinking questions. Beginning with the first essay assigned in college …show more content…
College writing has taught me that completing a paper was a process; it has shown me that assignment I will receive in college will not be a simple five paragraph essay with given point but instead it will be a process of reading works, analyzing, writing, and editing. This process started with the text, I first read the text for a general idea of the content then, I read for understanding, lastly, I close read and made annotations to remind me of my ideas while writing my …show more content…
He showed me that with every argument comes a counter argument; adding a counter argument reinforced my argument greatly. Another technique I applied to my essays with Professor Castro’s instruction was planning. In high school, planning an essay seemed like a waste of time because the assignments were always just five paragraph, five sentence essays. Since we had to write these essays in such a short amount of time for tests, I was able to produce the work the night before. On the other hand, Professor Castro has shown the divergence between high school and college; planning and editing are two essential steps in writing. Overall Professor Castro has helped me improved my easygoing attitude to one fit for a scholar.
Out of all the assignments given in the college writing course, this self-reflection essay is the one I am most proud of. This essay has shown me my improvements academically. Instead of focusing on my grade on each assignment, this essay helped me reflect on what works best for me as a student. Also, I was able to apply the strengths from my first two assignments into one clear work. The strengths my revised papers demonstrate are an effective thesis that connects the texts to my argument, fully developed ideas that are easy to understand, as well as specifics

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