Allyn And Bacon Chapter 7 Summary

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Chapter 7 of Allyn and Bacon highlights writing an exploratory essay and annotated bibliography. First, chapter 7 examines exploratory writing and how to write an exploratory essay. Lastly, the chapter demonstrates the writing of annotated bibliographies. As a whole, chapter 7 is important to writing because as described, exploratory essays involve a deeper thought process and don’t immediately settle with the thesis. “Show yourself wrestling with ideas. Readers want to see how your research stimulates your own thinking” (162). Without learning how to write exploratively, students will not only score more poorly with professors, but also fail to use their essays to think through the problem. In the beginning of chapter 7, Allyn and Bacon goes over how to write and understand exploratory essays. First comes the generating of ideas, then posing the problem, formulating a starting point, research notes, shaping and …show more content…
As described, the two types of annotations are: summary-only and evaluative. Summary-only is an annotation without any addition comments from the bibliography author. Evaluative annotations include the author’s critique of the work. Three features of annotated bibliographies are the rhetorical information, a summary of the source’s content, and the writer’s evaluation of the source. Since the idea of an annotated bibliography is unfamiliar to me, it was very helpful that chapter 7 included examples of both summary-only annotations, and evaluative. A huge overlap with the beginning of chapter 7 and the end is research notes. “The key to producing a good annotated bibliography is to take good research notes as you read” (167). In entirety, chapter 7 has definitely encouraged me to take solid research notes for my upcoming explorative essay. Without reading chapter 7, writing an exploratory essay and annotated bibliography would be difficult, as I’ve never been challenged with creating either

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