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  • Why Students Get Grades Essay

    necessary effort to their studies. On the other hand, there are more causes for students to obtain poor grades. The chief reasons for students not to get the grades they want can be different issues such as: punctuation rules, vocabulary and grammar. Punctuation rules are causing so many difficulties for students. It is a big challenge for people who are learning English especially if they do not study and review the rules for each case. “There is one particular error that is very common, students quite often are in the habit of running…

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  • Reflection On Ina's Writing Task

    organized. To help her organize her thoughts and retell the story in sequence, I will introduce her to sequencing words. Using sequencing words such as first, second, third, next, after, in the beginning, middle, and at the end will help her organize her thoughts about what she has read and then orally express using these words. The strategy that I will use to improve Ina’s writing is introducing her to punctuations. I will introduce punctuations makes, give her examples of how to use them and…

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  • Personal Narrative: What I Learned In English 1A Class

    how to just write though I am a girl who normally has plenty to say. Once I finally got started another problem soon arose, it had been so long since I had to put anything down on paper that my mind was unaware of how to properly write a paragraph let alone an essay if I had too. There were words that would come to mind that I couldn’t remember how to spell so I would end up changing how I was saying something or what I was saying. There were moments where I’d put words down and then stare at…

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  • Double-Interpretation In Elizabeth Bishop's 'Love Lies Sleeping'

    Living in a city is something most people struggle with at some point in their lives, though must struggles aren 't beautifully crafted into poems. "Love Lies Sleeping" is a poem written by Elizabeth Bishop was written in 1936 and later published in 1938, while living in New York. The poem about Bishop looking out of the city from her window, taking in all of the little details. It has an odd form, consisting of 15 stanzas, each with two long lines followed by two shorter ones that are…

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  • Response To William Faulkner's Essay 'Graduation'

    At this point I saw that he wasn’t closing the parentheses either, just leaving them open. Thus making everything in the first paragraph except the first few words in parentheses. I don’t think people often play games with punctuation purposely, they just overuse or incorrectly use it. I don’t believe punctuation is as common knowledge as it used to be. People sometimes even just use it as a filler to make it appear as if there essay is longer than it actually is. Purpose No matter what…

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  • Errors In Teen Influences

    It’s hard to admit that the writing you made, your masterpiece, has errors. Many authors go through many extensive drafts before they are satisfied with the outcome of their work. Being satisfied isn’t necessarily having a work of art with no mistakes in it. I make errors in the papers I write. It may be because writing it isn’t my forte. Some of the errors in my papers are shown in the final drafts which isn’t good. I have learned to fix my two prominent issues in my writing parallelism, and…

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  • The Light In The Fog Analysis

    "No, no," said the full stop. The writer lifted the flap, pulled the tab to slide the punctuation mark into place, and ended another sentence with a question mark. The Soulless Man The Soulless Man left the city and sat on the far side of the hill. His mind was as sad as night. No light could dispel the gloom. And he cried, "Lead me to salvation." The earth opened her mouth and swallowed him. The earth was void and darkness was upon the deep. How great the darkness! A long thin hand…

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  • The Importance Of Communication Skills And Writing Skills

    word groups and helps us to form simple sentences. For more colorful sentences, the “Working with Words” and the “The Mechanics of Writing,” courses show how common prefixes and suffixes can be added to a word to modify its meaning, how to make subject and verb agree in number, where to add apostrophes to make nouns possessive, when numbers should be spelled out or written in numerals, and how to avoid common spelling mistakes. “Let’s eat grandma!” or “Let’s eat, grandma!” The difference in…

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  • Informal Writing Examples

    author, feels about war by way of a picture. Creating emotion does not only mean creating emotions of sadness for the audience though. I try to convey an emotion of happiness an excitement in an email to my friend in England. “But how are u?! I haven 't talked to u in a long time!” This example shows how I used exclamations points to get an emotion across. This might be a simpler way to show an emotion, though I found it quite effective in getting emotion across. This piece of writing is more…

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  • Michael Hodge Analysis

    Preview: In the 1990s Galveston College had an outstanding English instructor named Michael Hodge. Michael was one of the most anti-authoritarian and impertinent persons I have ever met. Sometimes he liked to dispute with people just to for the sake of holding them accountable for their thinking and ideas, which is to say he would dispute people’s beliefs even when he might have completely agreed with everything that person was saying. Then at age 48 he went to bed one night and had his…

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