The Light In The Fog Analysis

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The Light in the Fog

She wandered into the fog. The fog wrapped her in postnatal gloom. Deep in the bowels of her being, she flopped like a rag doll. Unable to stand, she crawled the wasteland. "Goo," gurgled Emma. Lisa turned at the sound. She roused herself from the numbness that weighed her down and stumbled to the cot.

The Misery of Sin

One, two, three, and out goes he! In tailored suit and leather shoes, Mr Loral Johnson, MP, strode to the Iron Door and pressed the button. Inside a siren wailed. Within moments, the clank of a drawn bolt doubled his pulse. An arthritic hand, though with a grip of steel, clasped his starched white collar and yanked him into the stronghold. The fire of God 's indignation melted his hardened heart. Then the Hammer of Damnation swung
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"No, no," said the full stop. The writer lifted the flap, pulled the tab to slide the punctuation mark into place, and ended another sentence with a question mark.

The Soulless Man

The Soulless Man left the city and sat on the far side of the hill. His mind was as sad as night. No light could dispel the gloom. And he cried, "Lead me to salvation." The earth opened her mouth and swallowed him. The earth was void and darkness was upon the deep. How great the darkness! A long thin hand reached out of the ground, plucked a star from the sky, and shone it into the pit of the earth. The light shone in the darkness. But the darkness knew it not. The Soulless Man stood on the spiral staircase that coiled down beyond the star 's dying light. From the faded darkness came the cry of a tormented soul. It was his soul, his true self. He sold it for the spoils of the Underworld. And now he wanted it back. He bought a white rose, the Celestial, with his last coin. His voice echoed through the realm of mental night as he pleaded with the Keeper of Souls to give back the soul he had spurned, but now craved. "I beg of you, give back my

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