Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts

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  • Calvin Coolidge's Voting Equality Of Women

    beneficial to all people. He understood the importance of doing everything to the best of his abilities, he supported the voting equality of women, he enjoyed learning simply for learning’s sake, and he never believed that he was any worthier than the rest of America. These values would serve many modern politicians well, and are also constantly applicable in the regular life of myself and countless others. Calvin Coolidge went to school in order to become a lawyer, and he put as much time and dedication into his studies and his law firm as he did into his political career. Following his time as a lawyer, he eventually became governor of Massachusetts. He took this office so seriously that, when it came time for him to campaign for reelection, he relied on the people to reelect him without any formal campaign, saying that he “was Governor of Massachusetts, and [his] first duty was to that office.” Such was his desire not to be distracted from the good that he was doing that he never let the lure of power…

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  • John Macdonald Case Study

    the Crown. John MacDonald purchased Lot 36 from the Lord Advocate of Scotland, James William Montgomery, with the assistance of the Roman Catholic Church. John, Donald, Helen and Peggy as well as their Father journeyed to St. John’s Island with 210 settlers in May of 1772. Shortly after arriving John left to join the war efforts and soon after Donald joined him. After the war John stayed in England and corresponded with Helen through letters. Proprietors were responsible for paying a…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Political Non-Apology

    Politicians have it rough. From making decisions to better their citizens, to creating campaigns to stay in office, politicians spend each day to better the lives of everyone as well as maintaining reputable social statuses. After all, the relationship between the people and the office holder determines whether he is worthy to hold this job. However, what happens if a certain action, event, or scandal jeopardizes their position? The answer is straightforward: an effective public political…

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  • Thomas Hutchinson's Contribution To The American Revolution

    Thomas Hutchinson was a lieutenant governor in 1763-1770 and a royal governor to Britain’s Northern colony of Massachusetts during the time of 1771-1774. Hutchinson took harsh measures to help provoke colonial trouble and finally the American Revolution. Hutchinson, being born of a wealthy shopkeeper, dedicated his existence to a public profession as an associate of the Boston Board of Selectmen of Massachusetts Bay. His political career kept growing until he reached a lieutenant governor in…

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  • Analysis Of The Film Glory

    the American Civil War. It particularly shows the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry’s bravery. The 54th Massachusetts was an all-black regiment that fought for the Union during the Civil War. The regiment formed in March of 1863 just shortly after the Emancipation Proclamation. Captain Robert Gould Shaw was appointed to be Colonel of the regiment by Governor John A. Andrew. This regiment primarily performed labor work. On July 18, the 54th Massachusetts was eventually acknowledged after…

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  • American Pageant Chapter 1 Summary

    Nova Scotia gave them: 1. Land 2. Food 3. Money C. New Brunswick was formed in 1784 from Loyalists. D. Quebec also took Loyalists. 1. The governor of Quebec was buying land for the loyalists to settle on. 2. In the 1790’s, the Loyalists settled on the Niagara peninsula. a. He allowed English Loyalists. b. He allowed Native Loyalists (2,000). i. Joseph Brant led the Iroquois. ii. He was probably a Christian. iii. He negotiated with the British iv. Chief John Deseronto was also a Christian and a…

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  • Samuel Adams: The Sons Of Liberty

    Samuel Adams is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. He grew up in a well respected, religious family. He had many jobs, but the only thing he could succeed at was politics. He created many political groups and helped the United States become the way that it is today. He contributed to many major events that led to the start of the American Revolution and the rise of the United States. Sam Adams was born on September 27, 1722, in Boston, Massachusetts.…

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  • Why Is Calvin Coolidge A Good Leader

    Calvin is a very wise man. Very friendly and was a great president to others. Calvin had two sons named John Coolidge and Calvin Coolidge jr. He had acceded the presidency after the death of Warren Harding. He was then the 30th president of the United States of America. Coolidge was in the office from 1923-1929. On July 4, 1872 in Plymouth, Vermont a little boy named Calvin Coolidge. As a little boy Calvin attended in Plymouth Elementary. He graduated in 1895 at Amherst college.He went to…

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  • Sam Adams A Founding Father

    He made a group called Sons of Liberty!(Dennis) This was a group that hated the British and wanted to be free and be their own colonies! (Dennis) During the Revolutionary War he represented Massachusetts in the Continental Congress.(“”) But he also was in the Stamp Act.(“”) He biggest act agianst the british though was the Bostan Tea Party.(“”)This was the Colonists jumping onto a British ship dressed as indians throwing crates of tea into the…

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  • Emancipation Proclamation Thesis

    war Edwin Stanton authorized the enlistment of Black troops. As a result, the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer infantry was founded, becoming the first all-Black Union regiment raised in the north. (Emilio 1990) On February 21, 1863 the black volunteers began training at Camp Meigs in Readville .there were some members of the community did not want the Black men to achieve the rank of colonel or officer, some of the community activists urged Black men to seize the opportunity to…

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