Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts

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  • Emancipation Proclamation Thesis

    Emancipation Proclamation The Emancipation Proclamation was an important act ,the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by president Abraham Licoln , allowing the freedom of all in the rebelling territories of the confederacy and allowing Blacks enlistment in the Union Army. Since the beginning of the Civil War, free Black people in general, were ready to fight on behalf of the Union, yet they were prevented from doing so. Popular racial stereotypes and discrimination against Blacks in the…

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  • American War Of Independence Research Paper

    Some may say “The shot heard ’round the world” began the American War of Independence On the night of August 26, 1765, an assault on Thomas Hutchinson, chief justice and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts was a small episode in a series events that launched a half-century of protest and political upheaval throughout the Western world. This historic era that came to be known as the Age of Revolution. The true crisis began in 1760 when George III claimed the throne of Great Britain. No one on…

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  • Seven Year's War Dbq

    certain colonial cities, cutting out the British middlemen. As the news reached the colonies, many people thought it was a trap for the Americans to buy more taxed tea, but it wasn’t. It was created to increase revenue to pay off the salaries of royal governors and judges. It was hard to resist the Tea Act that even non-importation was feasible since tea trade is very important to merchants. Another idea to resist the Tea Act was to consume boycotts but it was impossible to recognize the…

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  • How Did Benjamin Franklin Influence The British Government

    Benjamin Franklin, mostly known by millenniums as the face on the one hundred dollar bill. Ben Franklin was one of the founding fathers of The United States of America. Among other attributes, he was a well respected Diplomat, a curious being at heart, who was also a scientist and an inventor. He was vocal and argued against slavery, making him one of the first abolitionists. Despite the fact that he only had a few years of formal education, Ben Franklin lived in London for several years and…

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  • John Bowden Connally

    John Bowden Connally Jr. was given birth on February 2, 1917, by John Bowden Connally Sr. and Lela Wright Connally, in Floresville, Texas. He went to Floresville High school, he later went to the University of Texas, where received his undergraduate and law degree. He also became president of the UT Student Association, and his passion for politics sparked. While attending college there, he met Idanell Nellie Brill in 1940, to which he later married and had four kids with. While serving the…

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  • Why Is Calvin Coolidge A Good President

    House). Calvin Coolidge had many political experiences before assuming the role of presidency. He attended and graduated from Amherst College, majoring in law. He spent 20 years practicing law in Massachusetts in a law office. Coolidge started his political career on City Counsel in Northampton, Massachusetts.…

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  • Phillis Wheatley Contribution

    Having been brought to the Massachusetts Colony without her permission when she was but a girl of 7 on “The Phillis, a slave ship that had traveled from an area near the Gambia in West Africa” (Casey, pg. 14). Bought by the Wheatley family, her true name was forgotten, and she was instead…

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  • Why Was Samuel Adams Important

    Samuel Adams. He went to Harvard, tried brewing, and was the brother of president John Adams. Some people say that Samuel Adams really didn't do much for the colonies, but that is simply not true. It is important that Samuel Adams should be recognized as a significant figure in history. He helped propel America towards independence with his actions and words, helped with the war effort against Britain, and had an important role in independent America’s government. First of all, Samuel Adams…

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  • Thinking Through The Past Case Study

    It was represented by nine colonies throughout October 7th and October 25th. They created a petition to King George III, and several petitions to the Parliament and declaration of their rights describing how they were all being ignored. Finally on March 4th, 1766, the Stamp Act was repealed by the British Parliament, but issued a Declaratory Act at the same time to reaffirm its authority to pass any colonial legislation it saw fit. From this point on, the issues of taxation and representation…

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  • George W. Bush: Like Father Like Son

    Jared M. Baldini Pioneer Jr Sr High School GEORGE W. BUSH 2 Abstract George W. Bush was accepted into Yale University in 1964. In 1968 Bush enlisted into the Texas Air National Guard and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and earned his fighter pilot certification during June of 1970. George W. Bush was discharged from the reserves on November 21, 1974 and it was questioned if he fulfilled his military obligation. Bush earned a masters of business…

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