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    Clothing in 1911 was a huge deal, and the more ruffles one had on one dress made one wealthy, but if one had none or very little one were considered poor. This goes to show how clothing symbolize who one were. Lots of ruffles equaled lots of money but little ruffles equal little money.In the book Uprising by Margaret Haddix, the clothing that everyone wore had a statement. Jane the rich girl had too many roughest account which meant she was quite rich but Yetta and Bella had no ruffles whatsoever which meant they were poorer than pig. Just what one wore meant how one would be treated and how one should act.Clothing statements were shown through three ways, first through design, second through corsets, thirdly through ruffles and lastly through hats In 1911, the styles were money. Most expensive clothes meant that one were wealthy.As Jane walked around and her beautiful corset dress, almost all boys think of considering to marry her because of how much design or jewelry is on the dress or of what she is wearing because they know it is expensive.“Other girls crowded into the box with them, girls in fancy hats and elegant skirts and those shining white shirtwaists. Bella guessed these girls were royalty of some sort”(Haddix 17-18). As seen in the book Uprising, Jane and her rich friends walk down the street and designer clothing. Many parents of the rich wanted that to happen so that the boys would know who is the richest and have that lady to be one’s wife. The groom…

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