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  • Harm's Way Analysis

    The bow had become non-existent from the first torpedo, the second struck midship on the starboard side neighboring a fuel tank and powder magazine. The subsequent explosion split the ship straight down to the keel, knocking out all electric power. Within minutes she went down swiftly by the bow, listing hard to starboard. Of the 1,196 souls aboard, about 900 made it into the water during those few minutes, before she sank. Few life rafts were able to be released from their staging positions. Most survivors relied on their personal standard-stuffing life jacket to stay afloat. Shark attacks began with sunrise of the first day, accompanied by exposure, dehydration, salt water poisoning, and sustained wounds from the torpedo attack; all which continued, until their rescue five days…

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  • Andrea Doria Case Study

    On the Andrea Doria, Capt. Calamai reported that right before the collision he saw the Stockholm’s red sidelight and forward masthead light swing to the left of the higher aft masthead light (Halpern, 2008). This indicated to Capt. Calamai that the Stockholm was turning into them. In response, Capt. Calami ordered hard left rudder and signaled on the whistle his turn to port (Halpern, 2008). However, his attempts failed as well. The Andrea Doria’s starboard side was no giant crater, and the…

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  • Frederick Douglass Writing Process Essay

    the truth he had learned which he learned more about himself, where he came from, and why he is a slave; thus, he often finds himself regretting his own existence, and wishing himself dead. But, he still has hope of being free (Douglass 75). His strong will to endure the pain is remarkable; surely he will succeed, knowing that he did not let abomination interfere his strong will to learn more. I am still impressed on how he learned to write without proper writing materials. After Frederick ran…

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  • Informative Essay About Titanic

    but one vessel in distress in all my years at sea. I never saw a wreck and never had been wrecked nor was I ever in any predicament that threatened to end in disaster of any sort.” Those where Captain E. J. Smith’s words describing his career as a Captain. Smith was retiring after he concluded the Titanic’s journey. Smith was trying for record time in the Titanic’s voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, and while he was going to fast, he also neglected more than seven iceberg warnings. Second,the…

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  • Bourbon Dolphin

    line, nor were there guidelines for when and how such alternative measures should be implemented and what, if any, risk these measures would involve. • The deployment of anchor No. 2 was commenced before the considerable drifting during the deployment of diagonal anchor No. 6 had been evaluated. • Human error occurred on the part of the rig and the vessels during the performance of the operation. • Communication and coordination between the rig and the vessel was defective during the last…

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  • Four Chaplains Analysis

    My movie is going to be about the Four Chaplains and how they were brave, showed heroism, and gave there lives to save others in need. The four chaplains were George L. Fox he was born on march 5, 1900 in lewistown pennsylvania, Alexander D. Goode was born on may 10, 1911 in Brooklyn New York, Clark V. Poling was born on may 7, 1910 in Columbus Ohio, and John P. Washington was born in newark New Jersey on july 18,1908. This is the story of what happened to the four chaplains and to all of the…

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  • Titanic Cause And Effect Essay

    starboard" (which turned the ship to port -- left). He also ordered the engine room to put the engines in inverse. If he didn’t order that, maybe they had a little chance to prevent the disaster. The Titanic did bank left, but it wasn't quite sufficient. 3.The Titanic's Newspaper The Titanic seemed to have everything on bead, including its own print. The Atlantic Daily Bulletin was pressed every day on board the Titanic containing news, advertisements, stock prices, horse-racing results,…

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  • How Did Strategic And Technological Factors Play In The Battle Of Jutland?

    Tactics called for a fleet approaching battle to be in parallel columns moving in-line ahead, allowing relatively easy maneuvering. They used several short columns to change their heading quicker. For the actual battle the fleet would deploy into a single column by the leading ships of the columns turning 90 degrees to port or starboard, the remaining ships following their leaders in succession, the column being formed at right angles to the original line of advance. To form the column into the…

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  • Summary Of Titanic By Charles Lightoller

    Lightoller became famous for only allowing one man on the lifeboats and subsequently entitled a chapter in his account “Women and Children—Only” in which he discusses the loading of the lifeboats. Murdoch, in charge of lowering boats on the starboard side, took Captain Smith’s order to load women and children into lifeboats to mean load women and children first. As a result, Murdoch loaded many men on the starboard side while the men who found themselves on the port side were not as lucky.…

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  • The Anaconda Plan

    successful, they did raise insurance premiums for Union merchant ships and draw some ship off blockade duty, but were unsuccessful in turning the tide of the war (Bailey). The most famous commerce raider was the CSS Alabama, which gained infamy for capturing many merchant vessels and proved quite successful, it was sunk in an intense battle with the USS Kearsarge. A report by the doctor aboard the USS Kearsarge described the battle saying, “Captain Winslow wished to get at short range, as the…

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