Frederick Douglass Writing Process Essay

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I am impressed on how Frederick Douglass managed to learn to read and write through various stratagems. Frederick was considered “a slave for life”; he served the Hugh family for seven years. At his young age, Frederick had no proper education; his mistress first taught him how to read, until her husband made her realize the bad consequences of slavery when given education. Until then, Frederick had been prohibited to read anything, not even holding a newspaper. Still, I stand for the belief that each one, even a slave has the right for proper education. Luckily, Frederick is clever; he has thought of various ways to learn. One of them is to befriend white boys in the neighborhood, and convert them as his teachers, also he also trades bread …show more content…
The writing process has a lot of steps; some of those steps worked well for me such as: generating ideas, listing supporting ideas and details, and drafting. The only reason for why it worked well is because, I just have to write freely, and randomly without any care even if I wrote some unnecessary and meaningless ideas. The same also goes when I draft; grammar, organization, and spelling were the least of my problems because, first drafts are not perfect. However, there are steps that have not worked well for me; for the reason that, doing those steps took me a long time to do. Those steps are polishing, and forming a good topic sentence; they took me almost an hour and a half to finish. Forming a good topic sentence is confusing; also, I always look back at books for editing grammar on how to use commas, colons, and semi-colons properly, and refer to the dictionary and thesaurus for better word choice, which consumes more time rather than writing a draft and generating ideas combined. Therefore, the next time I write paragraphs, I will work more on polishing my draft; by doing so, it will lessen the time needed to edit my draft. All in all, I enjoyed doing the whole writing process, because I feel I am close to writing excellent paragraphs. Disregarding one step from the writing process may seem alright but, for me as a growing writer, I’d love to be challenged by doing it

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