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  • How Did Boleslaw I Rise To Power

    Roman Empire. In 996, While Otto III, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, was in Rome, Boleslaw conquered numerous rebellious Slav Tribes, increasing his territory. As a way to form a larger state & lessen the hatred against Christian Poland, Boleslaw decided to convert the tribes to Christianity. In 996, Adalbert, a former monk and bishop of Prague and Italy, was sent by Poland to convert tribes. Adalbert was acquainted with Otto III through the Monastery of Saints Boniface and Alexis, and was present in Otto III’s coronation as ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. In 997, while crossing into Prussian territory, Adalbert was beheaded and sent back to Poland. Otto III went to visit his grave in Gniezno in 1000 AD, and came upon a chance to meet Boleslaw. As Anthony F. Czajkowski, a Polish history professor from St. Louis University, wrote: “The pilgrimage to the tomb of his martyred friend would also offer him an opportunity to acquaint himself with the unknown Slavdom where the tomb was located … the Pope considered favorably the linking of Rome, Gaul, Germany and Slavdom against the rising might of the Eastern Empire … It was to be the revival of a single Roman Empire on a new basis, which the rising Slav Nations would be invited to join as independent members.” Through Boleslaw’s attempts at converting tribes using the missionary Adalbert, he gained recognition from Otto III and the Pope, and was viewed as a Christian ally against the East. When Otto III arrived in Gniezno,…

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  • How Did Bismarck Achieve His Goals

    Q8. Otto Von Bismarck had a different way of achieving his goals because he thought differently then most. In 1862 Wilhelm I chose a wealthy landowner by the name of Otto Von Bismarck. Otto Von Bismarck was now named the new prime minister of Prussia. Bismarck became an amazing German historical figure, it was due to his ability to master realpolitik. Realpolitik translates to "the politics of reality." This form of politics left no room for idealism. This was just the start of amazing things…

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  • Otto Von Bismarck: The Iron Chancellor

    Otto von Bismarck— “The Iron Chancellor” Otto von Bismarck, one of the most influential characters in European history brought together the birth of the German empire. Bismarck became the first chancellor of the German empire under the “leadership” of William II during the late nineteenth century (, Otto Von Bismarck). He developed Germany into an economic powerhouse to even rival that of Great Britain. Through the usage of the Realpolitik and cunning intellect, he managed to…

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  • The Impact Of Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Emperor Of Germany

    her nation. In 1888, a British doctor failed to cure his father’s throat cancer, which strengthened his hatred of Britain that had begun to develop from an early age. His parents, Frederick III and Victoria, implemented an authoritarian approach to their son’s upbringing and education. Their high expectations were maintained through cruel punishments and little encouragement. Wilhelm’s link to the British monarchy, in particular his relationship with Queen Victoria (Grandmother), provided the…

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  • Summary Of Anne Frank's Tales From The Secret Annex

    I read Anne Frank’s Tales From The Secret Annex, written by Michel Mok, wich was about a girl named Anne Frank and her sacrifices she did to save her life. She was a young mademoiselle that lived an everyday life until the Germans took over there country. She was forced to hide in a secret annex hoping no German soldier would catch her. Anne Frank once said, “The Annex is an ideal place to hide in. It may be damped and lopsided, but there's probably not more comfortable hiding place in all of…

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  • The Major Themes Of The Horror Of War By Anne Frank

    Unfortunately, her diary is left unfinished, for she, her family, and the other occupants of the annex are discovered by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp. The general horror of war, coupled with the specific horrors that the Nazis inflicted upon the Jews, is the major theme of the diary. Anne Frank, the young teenage girl who writes the diary, experiences the pain of war first-hand. In order to try and escape the Nazi extermination of Jewish people, her family and the Van …

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  • Analysis Of Corrie Ten-Boom's The Hiding Place

    The story The Hiding Place is narrated by Corrie ten-Boom. She talked about the trials her family, the ten-Boom family, went through during World War ll. The ten-Booms live in Haarlem, Holland in a house known as the Beje. The book begins with the ten Boom family celebrating the 100th anniversary of the watch shop. In the next few chapters, Corrie talks about her childhood and glad-hearted mother, and the three aunts who once lived in the Beje. After the deaths of Corrie's mother and aunts, it…

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  • Anne Frank Legacy

    wisdom beyond her years, and leaves a lasting legacy of hope in the goodness of mankind. Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She then moved to Holland with her family in 1934, and attended the Jewish Montessori School (Rol and Verhoeven 24). After the Nazis took over, Anne and her family went into hiding on July 6, 1942. The Frank family hid along with the van Pels family and dentist, Fritz Pfeffer (Rol and Verhoeven 57, 63). They remained in hiding for two years until…

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  • Differences Between The Devil's Arithmetic Book And Movie

    The Devil’s Arithmetic has been made from a book into a movie, but the movie does not follow the exact details of the book. The stories are generally the same, but many of the specific parts of the book aren’t in the movie, or vice versa. Both the book and the movie tell the story of a girl transported to the past. While she learns of her family’s past in the concentration camps, different events happen in the different tellings of the story: the book and the movie. The Devil’s Arithmetic the…

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  • Untold Secrets In Annemarie's Number The Stars

    Number The Stars is a great book based upon a true story. It is placed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1941. Years after the war started, the Nazis started to patrol the streets. There are two main characters, Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen, which are best friends. Annemarie and Ellen come face to face with a wild adventure that reveals the danger of knowing the untold, knowing the untold secrets, and knowing the told lies, and the. One of their lives is in serious danger. Annemarie and Ellen…

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