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Everyone has heard of the legend Anne Frank, but who hid her and her family for the 2 years? Miep Gies! Miep Gies kept Anne Frank and her family alive during their time of need. Miep is a courageous woman who overcame hardships throughout her childhood and risked her life for the sake of others.

Miep was born in Vienna, Austria, and was the second daughter of two working parents. Her Mom and Dad were not suitable to raise Miep and her sister. Their home had little food and even littler work. Causing her to be in serious conditions. Because of her great luck, she was then sent away to a dutch camp in Amsterdam, Holland to regain her strength and health she had lost in her childhood. When she was 16 years old and back to health, she went back to Vienna to see her birth parents. She struggled with trepidation and depression, but her parents saw the love she had adopted for her country and family. She became so in love with Dutch she did not return back home to her birth parents. She was with her adoptive parents full time. She became very independent and wished to find work herself.
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Miep kept Anne’s diary, saving it like a treasure. Soon after Otto was out of Bergen-Belsen she knew it was time to read Anne’s writing. When she finally read it, she gave it to Mr. Frank knowing he would want the reassurance of his own daughter. Anne 's wishes were to publish books, and that’s exactly what Otto did. The book called “The Diary Of A Young Girl” was published in the year of 1947. Miep is a courageous woman who is influencing kids and adults to not judge others by their race or religion and to help others when they need it. Miep has won many awards like the Raoul Wallenberg Award and The Righteous Amongst The Nations Award. She claims she is not a “hero” because, “We shouldn 't have to wait for a great leader to make this country a better place”.-Miep

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