Sam Adams A Founding Father

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Sam Adams A Founding Father

Who was Sam Adams, no other than a fearless fighter for America(“”). He was one of our greatest Americans that signed the Declaration of Independence.(“”) Also he stood up to the British in the American Revolutionary War!(“”) Like for one Example he dressed ad Indians and raided a British ship. Then dumping three million dollars of tea into the Ocean to fight against tax(“”)!
How did Sam Adams start though? He graduated from Harvard College 1740(“”) . He got a job as a beer brewer.(“”) Unfortunately that did not work out so instead he looked for a better job!(“”) But he just got a job as a newspaper publisher.(“”)
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He made a group called Sons of Liberty!(Dennis) This was a group that hated the British and wanted to be free and be their own colonies! (Dennis) During the Revolutionary War he represented Massachusetts in the Continental Congress.(“”) But he also was in the Stamp Act.(“”) He biggest act agianst the british though was the Bostan Tea Party.(“”)This was the Colonists jumping onto a British ship dressed as indians throwing crates of tea into the ocean.(“”) They did this because of the tax on the tea but this ended up closing the harbor.(Dennis)
How did his work end up and what did he do toward the end of his life? Sam Adams signed the Declaration of Independence stating the colonies were free from the British.(Dennis) After that he served as lieutenant for John Hancock for four years.(“”) He then became a governor in 1793. Later Sam Adams finally retired in 1797.(“”) Unfortunately Oct 2,1803 Samuel Adams died in the morning from an unknown cause.(Dennis) He was 81 and an American hero that is still know today.
Know you can obviously tell Sam Adams was a great American. From signing the Declaration of Independence to the Boston Tea Party. I hope you loved my article and learned something, thanks for

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