Thomas Hutchinson's Contribution To The American Revolution

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Thomas Hutchinson was a lieutenant governor in 1763-1770 and a royal governor to Britain’s Northern colony of Massachusetts during the time of 1771-1774. Hutchinson took harsh measures to help provoke colonial trouble and finally the American Revolution. Hutchinson, being born of a wealthy shopkeeper, dedicated his existence to a public profession as an associate of the Boston Board of Selectmen of Massachusetts Bay. His political career kept growing until he reached a lieutenant governor in 1757-58. His position lead up to the Revolutionary War in different ways (Britannica).
During 1763-1765, Hutchinson was the most powerful man in the colony of Massachusetts Bay. Though he was targeted by two people; Samuel Adams and James Otis. Hutchinson agreed with Otis and Adams when they thought
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These letters, upon reaching England, were put into the hands of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was an agent working in London, when he sent the letters back. When receiving the letters back, Samuel Adams read the letters to the public. Hutchinson at this moment has lost all of his political advantages, but kept his place in office. In 1773, he blindly participated in the Boston Tea Party by ushering the ships to dock at the harbor. November 28, when the Dartmouth arrived at the Boston Harbor. Adams and other people that walked the streets were determined that the tea on board would not reach the land. On the evening of the 28th, if caught by the police, the group would threaten conflict. Two other ships arrived with Dartmouth, the Beaver and Eleanor, with the same crates of tea. The Tea Act required that the tax was paid in the next 20 days, making December 6 the deadline for tax payment. The night of December 6, Hutchinson let the ships dock and did not interfere with Adams and the Sons of Liberty when they went to destroy the tea

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