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The objectives for part A of the experiment are to use the formula n=d sin() where “n” is an integer (representing the number of “jumps”). Further objectives for this section include the accurate and precise measurement of the aforementioned distances. These distances (that between the light arrangement and the wall as well as that between two dots (n=1)) are then used in the equation to find sin() (Sin(x)= opposite/hypotenuse). The final goal of this part is to be able to accurately and effectively calculate the value of d, by using the initial equation1.
Part B’s objectives focus on the fundamental understanding of atomic emission and the Balmer Series. The objectives for this section include the proper recording
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For instance, Furthermore, the point sources in the experiment could represent atoms. In X-ray crystallography, X-rays (electromagnetic waves), diffract off the surface of a molecule, which allows for the understanding of its structure. This method uses diffraction patterns, as well as areas of constructive interference to determine the physical characteristics of a molecular specimen. In this case, the value d would represent the distance between the atoms within the structure.2 Chemists can then use this information to understand not only the structural components, but how these components play a role in the chemistry of the material. This part of the experiment shows how point sources and diffraction can be used to determine the w (or any other) value of the equation, based off the distances and resulting pattern of …show more content…
These tools are extremely useful in gauging the wavelength of visible light, however due to shifting during reading, as well as possible shifts to the interior chart, it is likely that a great amount of error exists in the accuracy and precision of the instruments. Furthermore, the values of the wavelength are up to the discretion of the readers, meaning human error plays a role in the legitimacy of the results. There is little discrepancy between the values of the wavelength scale, and turning slightly will allow the pattern to appear, but may shift its position on the

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