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  • Light Wavelength Essay

    are put onto a light spectrum with its shortest wavelength are violet and its longest wavelength ending in red. Well now you must be wondering what a wavelength is. A wavelength, “the distance between two adjacent similar points of a wave such as from crest to crest or from trough to trough.” These wavelengths range from 400 to 700 nanometers. The wavelength on the scale looks much like a wave moving in the water. It has a high peak and a low peak. In the scale…

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  • Atomic Spectra Lab Report

    are given specific wavelengths based on the variety of color that their light gives off. (Grossie, 285). Every ion gives off a different light configuration based on the amount of energy they hold. (Grossie, 285). A spectroscope is used to break down the light given off by the gas into different colored lines in different areas on the scope. The measure of these lines is what is referred to as the wavelength. Recognizing the similarities and differences between ions was also taught in this lab. …

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  • The Importance Of Photoluminescence

    The term photoluminescence by definition can be refered to as a molecule or atom which absorbs electromagnetic energy and in turn, emits light.In quantum mechanics, it is where excitation to a higher energy state occurs, which then returns to a lower energy state, together with the emission of a photon. According to Seitz (2006) found in the Credo referencing database, “Photoluminescence excitation spectra are determined by measuring emission intensity at a fixed wavelength while varying the…

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  • Spectrophotometer Lab Report

    do this, one must figure out determine the relationship between the wavelength of light absorbed and the color of a compound. Next, one must determine a way to relate the amount of light absorbed with the concentration of the solution. After gaining knowledge about these two parts of the lab, one will be able to determine how a Spectrophotometer 20 can be helpful in determining the concentration of phosphate in colas.3 A spectrophotometer is used to obtain measurements of the amount of light…

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  • Respiration And Photosynthesis

    and light wavelength. By experimenting with these factors, our group was able to create an action and absorbance spectrum, which allowed us to determine which light wavelengths do the pigments in plants respectively absorb for photosynthesis. This allowed us to fully understand what conditions photosynthesis must…

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  • Lab Report Physics

    These tools are extremely useful in gauging the wavelength of visible light, however due to shifting during reading, as well as possible shifts to the interior chart, it is likely that a great amount of error exists in the accuracy and precision of the instruments. Furthermore, the values of the wavelength are up to the discretion of the readers, meaning human error plays a role in the legitimacy of the results. There is little discrepancy between the values of the wavelength scale, and turning…

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  • Significance Of Electromagnetic Radiation And Beer Lambert's Law

    necessarily constant and the caliberation curve is linear, for sufficiently low concentration of analyte. Chemical limitations to beer’s law A chemical deviation may occur if the analyte is involved in an equilibrium reaction. suppose , as an example, an analysis for the weak acid, HA. To construct a Beer Lambert’s law calibration curve we prepare a series of standards—each containing a known total concentration of HA—and measure each standard’s absorbance at the same wavelength. Because HA is a…

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  • Essay On Outflow Spectroscopy

    discharges. Each component emits a novel unique finger impression of light, so investigating the frequencies of this light distinguishes the substance that produced it. This method is called outflow spectroscopy and is an extremely valuable logical instrument. It is utilized as a part of space science to examine the components present in stars and in substance investigation. Electromagnetic radiation can be depicted regarding its wavelength the separation between the peaks of the waves or its…

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  • Sound Waves Research Paper

    Acoustics is the branch of physics concerned with the study of sound. Sound is a wave made of vibrations in the air. Waves can be measured in a range of different ways: by their amplitude, wavelength, frequency, speed, and, at times, their phase. Sound information is transmitted by the amplitude and frequency of the vibrations, where the amplitude is experienced as loudness and frequency as pitch. The vibration is started by some mechanical movement and this causes a vibration on the molecules…

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  • Dispersion Of Light Essay

    2.4.3. Dispersion of Light The fact that the refractive index different for each wavelength of light produces an effect called dispersion. This can be seen by shining a beam of white light into a triangular prism of glass. White light entering a prism is refracted in the prism at different angles depending on the wavelength of light. The refractive index for the longer wavelengths (red) is lower than for the shorter wavelength (violet). This leads to a large angle of refraction for the longer…

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