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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Clean Air Act

    deep profundity on racing, making this sport a profound heritage among different kinds of car enthusiasts. However, this deep embodiment of racing can possibly shatter with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introducing the, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles – Phase 2 that resides under the Clean Air Act. This regulation, is a vague proposal that can potentially hurt the vibrant industry of performance parts from…

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  • Environmental Issues In Japan Case Study

    reduce 37% of its carbon emission until 2030 as a member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In fact, Korea disgraced because it made the highest carbon emission increase rate, 110.8%, among OECD countries in 2013 compare to 1990. Japan is practicing Tax for Climate Change Mitigation from Oct 2012, and has a duty to reduce greenhouse gases by international law. Therefore, the two countries are internationally responsible for carbon emission. At the same time,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Kyoto Protocol

    Firstly, and most critical, our earth’s water systems are gradually, but increasingly, off balance. Emissions from heat-trapping gases resulting from human activity, especially from the use and burning of fossil fuels for the functioning in everyday living, is causing drastic warmth in temperature, dangerously heating up the atmosphere. This has resulted…

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  • Carbon Footprint Persuasive Speech

    been severely impacted by the country’s emissions. According to ActiveUKChina, 35% of areas in China have been damaged due to acid rain. 40% of the rivers in China have been polluted, and 25% of people living in China have been drinking contaminated water. (ActiveUKchina.com) iv) Scary enough, we are far behind China in the worlds list of the largest emitters of CO2. According to Worlds Research Institute we are right behind them in the scale of carbon emissions. While we are not to their…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Green Tax

    This is where the carbon tax comes in. The carbon tax would impose an excise levy on fossil fuels that emit CO2 as a system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How the carbon tax would work is that it will put a monetary price on the cost of CO2 emissions on our economy. Since the carbon tax is a commodity tax, it would raise the price of energy and transportation. The burden of the tax would also fall more heavily on energy-intensive industries as…

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  • Traditionalism And The Neo-Traditionalist Issue Of Environmental Values

    greenhouse gas emission that companies can release. According to Professor Kathleen Segerson, there are three components involved in Cap-and-trade system. First, the cap needs to be below current emissions and is therefore a “binding cap”. Second, the cap is based solely on emissions released, not on the technology, leaving flexibility to companies on how they will achieve this reduction. Lastly, the companies have the ability to buy and sell permits for the amount of emissions that…

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  • The Controversial Issue Of Climate Change In Canada

    until the Paris Agreement, countries have committed to take actions to mitigate this issue. In fact, Canada did not demonstrate any interest in the subject, but rather the provinces took the initiative and started to use regulations to reduce CO2 emissions. By 2015, Canada has changed its standpoint and presented a strong commitment to the cause, stablishing a main target with different approaches to counteract the problem. However, this position may not be adequate for all the provinces,…

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  • Climate Change In Tanzania Case Study

    In 1992, Tanzania had its first national energy policy and the latest national energy policy was published in 2003. The national policy 2003 mainly focused on the national energy needs in Tanzania, and in the policy, to develop domestic cost effective energy resources, to improve energy reliability, efficiency and security, and to reduce deforestation were also highlighted as the subsidiary objectives. 2003 national energy policy put climate change concept in its content, and it is the first…

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  • Cap And Trade And Carbon Tax Essay

    political debate in major countries, for instants, China, the United State, India, and Russia who produced most of greenhouse gases (Brander, 2014). The temperature on earth has increase dramatically that caused by greenhouse gas or CO2 emission (Carbon dioxide emission is the greenhouse gas produced by human activities) is a negative externality problem that affects the world. Not only it damaged the atmosphere and cause of melted of ice from the north pole due to the changed of warmer weather…

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  • How Are Automobile Transportation Emissions Affect Our Future?

    also means they won’t be making their hundreds of billions of dollars annually. We have to look past these corporations towards bettering our planet. To focus this idea more, let’s look at one question: In what ways are automobile transportation emissions affecting our environment and what new technologies are being invented and used to help solve this environmental…

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