Carbon Emission Essay

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The United States of America (USA) is one of the top carbon emitting countries. In 2011, the Union of Concerned Scientist reported that USA released approximately 5490.63 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. In addition, the USA has one of the highest per capita for carbon emission, which is around 17.62 metric tons of carbon dioxide per person. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that carbon dioxide emissions are causing the gradual heating and change of the Earth’s climate since it is a greenhouse gases that locks in the thermal energy from the sun. the heat caused by the gas itself is not an issue since humans are a highly adaptive species, but there are other effects of the heat that would greatly alter the planet in such …show more content…
Companies that manage to follow these regulations have to cut out jobs in order to sustain the cost of limiting their carbon emissions. Even if the government gave incentives to the companies that complied with the regulations, the civilians would still have to pay towards these incentives in the form of taxes. In addition, the USA is only second in carbon dioxide emissions and China is first. Many Americans might push the responsibility on China or other high carbon emitting countries. This could cause major domestic conflict among Americans who do not agree the USA should be forced to take responsibility for the carbon emissions of the world. On this same topic, if USA did take on such an effort, it does not mean that other countries will follow in its footsteps. If other countries do not follow in its footsteps, then carbon emissions will still remain high. This means that the heating of the planet will still continue. It is easy to see that if the USA made a sustained effort to dramatically reduce carbon emissions to help reduce climate change that there could be both positive and negative effects. However, the decision of whether it is a beneficial idea depends upon the ideals of the

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