The Benefits Of Global Warming

The warming of the planet has been a concern to mankind for centuries and it’s almost to the point where the environment and ecosystems are diminishing because of it. Global warming is an issue to all of the living and breathing inhabitants of this planet and it is our duty as one to manage the sustenance of where we live. As future generations start to emerge, they are born into a world of concern and unhealthy lifestyles because of the fact that the world’s temperatures are fluctuating at an uneven rate. Some summers are unbearable and record breaking temperatures are recorded each and every year. The factories and labors within different nations are emitting harmful emissions into the atmosphere that is deteriorating the barrier for healthy ecosystems to function. Trees and forests are being chopped as man pleases, oceans are being populated with garbage and it is happening because the people of this planet aren’t treating it with respect that it deserves and some are reforming their ways to eradicate this issue. …show more content…
This is good news but the bad news still remains in play. Vehicles were a huge impact on the environment by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and destroying the ozone layer. Spending billions of dollars on the conservation movement has been a helping hand the situation but the track it is on will take numerous decades to finally eradicate and in doing so, the research and measures that have to be taken can be too expensive and can denature our ability to venture forward. The climate changes have a significant effect on us and it’s because of how we go about our everyday

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