The Dangers Of Climate Change

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The apocalypse is an idea that people talk about regularly in today’s society. From a zombie outbreak to a major flood, anything could lead to the end of time as we know it. However, nothing is more frightening or real than the threat of catastrophic climate change. Climate change is the result of exponential amounts of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere, which causes the earth to trap heat in between the surface and the ozone causing a drastic temperature change and extreme changes to global climates. This temperature change can cause a number of issues for all life on earth. The rise in temperature has led to melting of the ice caps causing higher sea levels, hotter summers that lead to droughts such as the one California …show more content…
People seem to care less and less, sometimes not even believing in climate change at all, and want nothing to do with cleaning up the planet. Anup Shah, author of states in his article discussing climate change, “The United States plus a few other countries, and many large corporations, have opposed climate change treaties seemingly afraid of profit impacts if they have to make substantial changes to how they do business”. However, these people do not realize the rude awakening they are in for once the earth starts to fix itself. Bryan Walsh, author of various pieces on climate change, states in his 2015 article entitled “Obama Takes the Lead on Climate Change but Needs the World to Follow”, “The Clean Power Plan is a start, even a historic one. But when it comes to a superwicked problem like climate change, as Obama himself said, “there is such a thing as being too late.”” (Walsh 9). This statement is very true for a few reasons. First, the Clean Power Plan, which is an in-depth outline for all countries involved in the Paris climate talks that outlines new guidelines and regulations pertaining to emissions and climate efforts, is a good start, but cannot ensure that everyone will put forth the necessary effort to combat climate issues. Second, the term “superwicked” adds a serious tone to a situation that not many people believe in, which helps to bring

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