Persuasive Essay: We Must Stop Climate Change

Alejandro Vieyra
Mr. Moody
English 4
5 December 2016
Climate Change Must Stop
Climate change is the changing of weather patterns in regions all around the world. The primary cause of climate change is the appreciable amount of fossil fuel emissions that humans are sending into the atmosphere. These emissions consist of carbon dioxide that ultimately retain more heat in our atmosphere than needed, thus elevating the temperature everywhere around the globe and damaging ecosystems greatly. Many people, including politicians and scientists, believe that climate change is simply a hoax. Although some prefer to believe that climate change is fake and we have nothing to worry about, there are concrete facts that prove these individuals wrong.
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Scientists that study climate change and greenhouse gases conclude that “we now have overwhelming evidence that human emission of greenhouse gases has already begun to change the climate and it will continue to do so unless emissions are halted” (Oppenheimer and Antilla-Hughes). This quote proves that the emissions of greenhouse gases is the utmost factor in climate change. If we do not do anything about climate change now and continue to contribute to this global problem, future generations will be affected extremely negatively. The changes in precipitation that are created by climate change will cause some places in the world to become drier and other places much wetter. This means that the water will not be dispersed evenly anymore, leaving families in the dry without water access or rising water prices that will definitely not be affordable to the poor. Also, the areas that receive much more water will be more prone to floods, which means that a lot more money will have to be spent on plans to prevent these floods and make buildings more resistant to them. Our carbon emissions will only continue to destabilize and destroy the social and ecological systems that humanity has worked so hard to preserve. In addition, natural disasters will become more frequent and more threatening due to climate change (Oppenheimer and Antilla-Hughes). Any person in the world can agree that rate of natural disasters is something that we do not want an increase in. Natural disasters do no good to our societies, they only bring mayhem and huge losses of money to nations all over the world. Those who do not believe that climate change is real are only contributing to the rate of natural disasters going

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