The Pros And Cons Of The Clean Power Plan

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Environmental sustainability is quickly transitioning from a problem for future generations to one of today’s most pressing issues. With Washington scrambling to produce legislation that will position America as a key player in climate talks, now more than ever the government has to make tough decisions regarding the energy sector. When facing said decisions, it is important to exercise caution while evaluating legislation that could alter the future of America’s economy. An example of such a bill is the Clean Power Plan, or the CPP, the newest piece under Obama’s Clean Air Act initiative, which aims to affordably reduce carbon emissions on US soil through the restriction and regulation of energy production. The Clean Power Plan should not become a law because it goes to extreme measures in order to achieve a nominal environmental impact, all at the cost of destroying the energy sector. While it has numerous flaws, most significant downside to the CPP is its impact on the energy sector. The bill calls for all energy plants to either upgrade their machinery to meet new CO2 emission regulations, or to shut down in favor of new plants. Seeing as most of the operating energy plants in the US …show more content…
Is the best option for environmental reform to target the backbone of this nation’s economy, or should the government look into transitioning to clean energy rather than putting a noose on current forms of energy production? When the damage of such a decision is so severe and the benefits are small, there is only one right option. The passage of The Clean Power Plan is not just a matter of the environment, but rather it is a matter of whether the government will realize the economic imperative put forth by this bill and protect its people by striking down the

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