Direct CO2 Emission Sustainability Report

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“By the year 2018, Volkswagen intends to reduce the environmental impact of every vehicle and component it produces by 25% compared to 2010 levels. The company measures the achievement of its target on the basis of five key indicators: energy, water, waste, CO2 and emission of solvent” (Volkswagen Well Built: Production. Retrieved from
Environmental indicator
CO2 Emission
From the bar charts (see figure 1), we could find both direct CO2 emission and total CO2 emission per vehicle are reduced year by year. However, the total CO2 per year emission per year have risen “due to increased consumption of electrical energy heat and fuel gases for production” (Volkswagen_Sustainability Report_2014, 2014, p. 127). As for direct CO2 emission per year, the report points out that “despite increased production volumes and the inclusion of
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Admittedly, in short term, Volkswagen might get some profits through its cheating software, because it could help the corporate construct great image and excellent reputation. However, the truth will not always be hided, once the schemes are discovered, the corporation will suffer huge loss. Like Volkswagen, both resale value and stock value dropped after the scandal. And its partners rejected to cooperate with it in case they would be involved into this scandal. For example, “MediaCon media agency warned the newspapers on 22 September that it would cancel planned Volkswagen and Audi campaigns in case they would cover the emission violations” (Le Canard Enchaine, 30 September 2015). What’s more, Volkswagen lost its good reputation in this scandal, it is difficult for its customers to have “great faith” as well as before. Also, it could be predicted that the shareholders of Volkswagen will feel unsatisfied due to the drop in stock

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