Top-down and bottom-up design

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  • Climate Change: The Bottom-Up Approach

    When we look at the process of developing policies there is a newer way of approaching this. The Bottom-Up approach allows for more potential to accomplish and accommodate to policies regarding climate change. Working better than the reverse side of top-down approach as it is becoming to vague and isn’t able to be as efficient as it was originally made. Policies under this category tend not to be able to adapt to the new technologies. One of the benefits to Bottom-Up process is the ability to adapt and change its policies more efficiently under a smaller scale of government. With this adaptability this process is able to accommodate to the times while still accomplishing the crisis of climate change. The Kyoto Protocol is a perfect representation…

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  • Event Planning

    Event planning is the psychological organization of ideas or activities to achieve a desired goal. It involves creativity, talent and skill using forecasted scenarios that develop a clear perspective of how one should predict what the future will look like; and has been one of the most emerging industries of the 21st Century. In this annotated bibliography, I will present six resources that support the three top trends in the area of event planning. The prerequisite for researching and…

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  • Emergent Approach To Amazon Essay

    approach is totally responsive to external factors. For converting threats into opportunities, flexibility is provided to external factors and their adaptation. This approach provides a room for adapting information from all the aspects of the organization in the decision-making process (Harrison & John, 2009). The requirements of emergent approach are comprised of ultimate vision, transformational leadership and matrix organizational structure. The vision can be developed as per the situation…

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  • Texas Treasures Curriculum Analysis

    However, the question is used only to focus learning and set a purpose for reading. This curriculum provides many resources for teachers for instruction and they have the flexibility of choosing when and if they utilize them. This seems to also lend itself to the top-down approach. However, the fact that teachers were instrumental in the development of this curriculum does not follow the top-down approach. What is intriguing about this curriculum is the building of background knowledge,…

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  • Northern Uganda Research Paper

    4.2 EXAMINING THE LONG TERM RECOVERY APPROACHES OF NGOS IN POST CONFLICT AREA OF NORTHERN UGANDA A number of approaches have been suggested for post conflict recovery and they include but not limited to the following; Bottom up approach This is also known as indigenous empowerment. The idea behind it is to empower local populations who are at the bottom and mid-levels of society by allowing them to consolidate and develop necessary resources for the implementation of a peace process, which…

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  • Modernisation Alternative Development Theory: Cause, And Poverty

    As previously discussed, alternative development is a bottom up approach, there arguing the other top down approaches largely caused poverty through uneven wealth distribution. Whilst modernisation theories intentions are that the wealth will trickle if economic stability is first created at the top down, alternative theory states that this largely has just caused worse problems; especially regarding poverty. According to Little (1990) the benefits that economic growth has failed to trickle down…

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  • IT Strategic Planning: Bottom Up Approach

    Introduction The purpose of this article is to establish that the most effective way a CIO to accomplish a strategy for strategic planning is a “bottom up” approach. However, many organizations of today underestimate this operational consideration and not support this theory. The article will show why this is problematic for the overall good of the organization. Furthermore, this document will develop the concept that even though many organizations use a top down approach –this concept often…

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  • Ancient Greek Vase Analysis

    positive space where the design was divided into 3 main parts on the vase was colored with red pigment. Only one half of the vase (one side) comes with the design. Overall, the main design was divided into 3 main areas. Top, middle and the bottom of the vase. All 3 parts contains different scene. In my opinion, the artist try to draw the eye of the audiences into the middle part of the design on the vase.…

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  • Water Bottle Rocket Research

    needed to build a water rocket that would be aerodynamic, light, and have the ability to glide down to elongate flight time. I started out researching different bottle rocket designs to find what would work best. While researching, I found that having a slimmer bottle on top of the base bottle, versus having two regular sized soda bottles would be more aerodynamic and would allow me to give the rocket a more “bullet” shaped body. When looking at fins, those with larger fins worked more…

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  • River Bridge Lab Report

    bridge lab project was based on the given scenario in which a reliable bridge needed to be constructed over a river in order to alleviate traffic. The objective was to design a bridge to relieve traffic flow that was also safe, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing. The constraints for this project included the budget and minimum height and width requirements. The max budget to purchase wood was $200, the minimum height at all points of the bridge was 3 inches, the minimum width of the…

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