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  • Dark Net Research Papers

    The dark net and all its secret Drugs, human trafficking, and cyberwarfare, these are the thing that can be found on the dark net. The dark net gives us access to all of the content that is not available to us through the normal means. It was developed in the 1990s by the U.S Navy, it is an encrypted web search that allows anyone to search anything in the comfort of their own home without the fear of being found by the authorities. The dark net has many search engines that is well protected, but the most famous one is TOR. TOR is an acronym for The Onion Router, this search engine is used for anonymous search, and people can find thing from illegal drugs to killer for hire. The dark net is the place to find all of the thing that the normal…

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  • The Influence Of The Internet

    Steinback, an assistant director for the FBI’s counterterrorism division, said, “Encryption tools have given such terrorists a free zone by which to recruit, radicalize, plot and plan. We’re past going dark in certain instances. We are dark” (Kushner 52). The Darknet is composed of people and sites that want to remain anonymous and can’t be located. Darknet works on the Tor browser, which is a free software that masks the user 's location and activity. Tor lets people peruse the Surface Web,…

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  • Non-Personal Identifying Information

    security flaw in the iCloud service and after gaining access to the celebrities’ accounts, proceeded to spread personal photographs each celebrity had taken across the web. For those who want to safeguard their data from intrusive companies there are multiple forums and discussion boards that focus on building up and maintaining online privacy. These boards offer knowledge, methods and programs so those who want to protect their computers have the ability to do so. One of these forums is the…

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  • Tor Law Case Brief

    Tort law Name Institution Facts Alan suffered a heart attack while driving and lost control of his car. The car collided with a stall from which Bill was selling tea to passersby. Bill was not injured by the collision but the sudden jolt caused him to drop a kettle, which he was holding, and the burned his hand. A group of children and their teacher who were walking towards the stall ran into the road to avoid the collision. Dave who was driving along the road swerved to avoid hitting…

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  • The Dark Internet: The Positive Side Of The Dark Web

    The positive side of the Dark Web ' is really quite huge, if looked at from a journalist prospective. It goes beyond just journalists and whistleblowers, and potentially to every person in the world, that wants to connect to some other person or device and share information without the fact that these two people are connecting or sharing information [being] monitored, logged, indexed or intercepted Few still believe that the dark web offer a sense of free speech. According to the TOR blog, the…

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  • Deep Web And Dark Web

    The Tor browser bundle can be downloaded from the internet and it contains all the important and needed tools. Accessing the dark web involves running the downloaded file, choosing an extraction location, opening the folder and clicking on the start Tor Browser (Ortiz-Arroyo, 2013). It is recommended that a user should place a tape on the laptops webcam in order to keep prying eyes from watching or use a tinfoil hat depending on the intentions of the user on using the dark web. Accessing the…

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  • Veernacular Voices Analysis

    This article will help me with my project because it demonstrates the value of Internet technologies as a democratic medium, similar to newspapers in the 19th century. However, this source will contribute to the purpose of my paper in disagreement with the claim that the Internet emulates associational life, where people came to freely discuss and formulate ideas, due to issues of surveillance and mediation form governments and corporations. Alternatively, it will help my argument by showing…

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  • The Dangers Of The Deep Web?

    Deep Web is the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a online black market that was operated as a hidden Tor service where users were freely using its services without worrying about web traffic tracking. In this black market, numerous illegal things were being sold such as drugs, weapons, child pornography, and hitmen for hire(*only heard of no actual proof) and it is estimated that 1 billion dollars worth of goods or services were sold on the Silk Road until it was shut down in 2013 (…

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  • Dark Net Essay

    worried about the information on the dark net? What is my opinion on the dark net? The dark net is a place where visitors feel "safe", by being able to hide their internet protocol. The authorities like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are trying to minimize the quantity and quality of users on the dark net. Headline from The Intercept: "FBI Director Claims Tor and the 'Dark Web ' Won 't Let Criminals Hide From His Agents" proves that the FBI can…

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  • The Influence Of Anonymity On The Internet

    University is a major proponent of internet anonymity (Schnorr). He believes that anonymity allows users to find their “true self.” The user can often share negative, and sometimes taboo, aspects of themselves without too much fear of rejection (Schnorr). Tor is an open network that…

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