Does Othello Love Desdemona

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Othello was a Moor from Venice that married a girl name Desdemona who was Venician. Desdemona’s father, Brabantio and friends did not approve of their marriage. Iago tells Roderigo about Othello's marriage. Othello’s friend Iago was jealous and disloyal and tried to do anything to ruin the relationship. Iago gets Cassio drunk, watches him get into a brawl, and then tells Othello all about it. Iago wanted Cassio killed. Cassio had the lieutenant position and in spite of Iago wanting this position he plays with Othello insecurities by accusing Desdemona and Cassio of having a affair. Iago’s wife name was Emilia she was really good friends with Desdemona. Iago made Emilia betray Desdemona in ways she didn't even know about. Desdemona was accused …show more content…
She felt like since men have all right to cheat on their partner and not get looked down on, that women should have the rights to cheat on their husband and not get disowned by the people on the outside.

Iago was a very evil man that would do anything to get his way. Iago spends all of his time plotting against Othello and Desdemona. He never liked Othello from the beginning because he was a moor. Iago wanted the lieutenant position. Iago is selfish in that he wants everyone to feel as he does so he starts these rumors to make the jealousy of other characters fin. Iago wanted Roderigo to kill Cassio. Iago was a very jealous man and he’ll do anything the destroy the people he know best.
Iago was such a hateful man he started to speak lies about Desdemona and Cassio having an affair. He wanted the marriage of Desdemona and Othello to end. Iago also wanted Cassio killed. Iago had set up that his wife Emilia steal Desdemona's handkerchief and placing it with Cassio. By Cassio having the handkerchief that Othello gave his wife to devote his love to her it would give Othello proof that they was really having an affair and have Othello to punish Desdemona. By Othello showing his insecurity it gives Iago

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