Race Quotes In Othello

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Othello’s race plays a major role throughout this play. Othello's race is a dividing element, which causes him to be seen as an outsider. Essentially, the leader and dukes are happy with Othello just working for them but because of his ethnicity, he is not entirely trusted when given control. His race, an element of difference, plays a distinctive role in his downfall. For Example, Iago seizes on the fact that Othello is so self conscious about his race, and convinces Othello that Desdemona may come back to reality liking her own “clime, complexion, and degree of men(3.3.230). This quote reveals how Iago manipulates Othello’s mind into fearing Desdemona’s love for him is unstable. Iago wants Othello to worry about Desdemona leaving
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Othello’s key downfall is him being weak and gullible for falling into Iago’s tricks. Rather than talking his beloved wife and trusting her. Othello soaks everything Iago is filling his head up with. For example, Iago claims casio said “sweet Desdemona, let us be wary, let us hide our loves” in his sleep while grasping and putting his leg around him(3.3.417). When Othello ask for proof that Desdemona has been disloyal, Iago tells him about the intimate dream Casio supposedly had one night while laying together. Othello trust Iago to much and totally relies on Iago therefore making him really vulnerable to Iago’s evil schemes. As a result of him being so gullible, it leads to him becoming jealous which leads to him losing control of …show more content…
His actions reveals how evil in the world is and how it's able to manipulate the goodness which in this case would be othello. Iago’s evil is mostly showcases through his hate for othello. For example, Iago states many times “I hate the Moor. My cause is hearted”(1.3,361-362). Iago simply hates Othello because he promoted Cassio to lieutenant instead of him, Iago not only thought he was the guy for the job, but Iago also bribed city officials in hopes of getting the job. He then dedicates himself to getting revenge on

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