Reggio Emilia Approach: Video Analysis

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This video shows the Direct Instruction Approach in three different schools within in the same district where this type of teaching and learning environment was implemented. Teachers were shown interacting with their students in the classroom as well as how the students were responding to their instructors. The teachers also were given opportunities to discuss how and why the Direct Instruction Approach worked in their classroom. On the student side, the students were shown following distinct directions given to them by their instructors, and how they learned together as a group. Many of the comments made in the video state that children embrace this method and are not competing against one another in the classroom, instead they are competing …show more content…
The report shows how preschoolers in a Reggio setting are not made to learn how most preschoolers are taught. The Reggio approach emphasizes the students figuring things out for themselves in their own unique way, and not having to conform to the norms of traditional education. The video goes on to tell of how the Reggio approach is being transplanted to some schools in St. Louis, but does not go into detail on how well it has worked out since the initial report. In summary, the report gives a glimpse into a revolutionary approach to preschool …show more content…
It contained many interviews with parents and alumni and gave their perspective on how their child is being educated and how the alumni enjoyed their experiences at the school. The education at the Waldorf school uses the arts as a tool to give a well-rounded education to the student. The curriculum is difficult, but worth the hard work. Also, each subject and extracurricular activity is given the same emphasis, which helps all students. The experiences they are allowed at the Marin Waldorf school stay with the students forever.
2. What did you like and not like about the way children are learning shown in the video? Why?
I liked how the students were challenged in the classroom and how art was used in every class. The students drew their own textbooks and that fosters learning more than writing definitions five times each like I did in middle school. However most of the alumni that were interviewed were in an art or music sector, and I would have liked to see more alumni who made it to the business world. That showed me that possibly they encourage more arts than they do business or commerce.

Video 5: Montessori

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