Essay On Classroom Observation

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Being able to go out and observe in a classroom is something that makes me so excited to be a teacher in the future. I was able to observe a classroom and learn many techniques to encourage learning. On October 11 I went to Discovery Elementary School to observe in Mrs. Hibma’s classroom. This was a 3rd grade classroom, and this interested me because I would love to teach 3rd grade. There were 27 students in the classroom, which I found to be a large classroom. However, the classroom atmosphere was very relaxing, calm, and controlled. You could tell that the teacher really had respect from her students, and they also had respect for her. Before she started her lesson, she told me that there were two learning disabled children in her class. …show more content…
I watched the lesson, and overall I think that is was very successful. Being able to politely disagree with someone is a skill that is important to teach students, and after watching this I can honestly say I saw learning taking place. To see all the different ideas being shared, and students being polite to each other was very exciting. You could tell that each group was working together, and there was not any rude disagreements. All the students were very polite to each other and followed the instructions. Even though there were two students with learning disabilities, she was able to make a lesson that worked for everyone in the room. This is something that I plan to do in my classroom. There was one thing that I would change about this lesson, and that would be to put each question on the board while they are answering it. There were many times that students had to ask Mrs. Hibma what the question was again because they forgot. By having the question on the interactive board, it would allow the student to be able to read the question if they had forgotten it. However, overall I would keep everything else the same for this lesson. It was very organized, and controlled. Being able to use unique techniques and activities in the classroom I think is very important for learning. Many students learn in different ways, so by being able to come up with several different way it can help all the students in the

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