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  • The Song Analysis Of The Poem In 'Hollow City'

    Please note that while the cover is simplistic, it is intended to be as such. The novel contains a multitude of vintage photographs which are both creepy and shrouded in mystery. This was the theme I tried to capture with this CD cover. Analysis: The first reason as to why I chose this song is that the music/beat is uplifting and almost innocent, in a sense. This is reflective of the fact that all of the main characters in the novel Hollow City by Ransom Riggs are children or teenagers, an often carefree and happy demographic. Secondly, I chose the song Waiting on the World to Change because throughout the entirety of the novel (the second installment of a three part series by Riggs), the characters’ relatively happy ways of life are threatened by evil and humanoid being called wights. The main cast of children in this novel all posses special abilities, like superpowers, and for this reason are considered beings named peculiars or syndrigasti. These peculiar children live in time loops (for decades if they so choose) made and monitored by peculiar women. Called ymbrynes, these women can transform into birds in addition to manipulating time. In a series of events described in the novel previous to this one, wights have been capturing ymbrynes, essentially destroying loops and causing peculiar children in them to flee. This is the case with the main characters of the novel. In my opinion, the aforementioned song speaks to the fact that these children are seeing their…

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  • Invictus Comparison

    At some point in the numerous journeys we embark on, we hit an obstacle and we feel all hope is lost. Sometimes we give up before any progress, and sometimes we give up right before we make it to the finish line, despite putting in so much effort to achieve it. Through Invictus by William Ernest Henley and If by Rudyard Kipling, it is shown that “if you can keep your head”, “yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it”. Both texts insinuate that success comes from commitment and a true sense…

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  • The Future Of Society In Harrison Bergeron, By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

    The future of society will eventually depend on an oppressive force to control it 's people, thus causing them to lose humanity altogether. All three stories have concluded to society becoming insensitive to others due to a single device. In Kurt Vonnegut Jr “Harrison Bergeron”, their society makes it impossible for the people to connect in any way humanly possible. In this society, they make human equality their top priority.This society believes that human equality means that there will be…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Celebrity Worshipping

    the same category because it is danger to America today and years to come. Celebrity worship has started since we were a kid. We dreamed about being Polly pockets and G.I Joe’s that parents weren’t even aware of it. Growing from a kid to teenager is when the situations gets bad and tricky. The Hollywood world has big hand in the trends we wear today. What styles for our hair? What workouts are good for me? Or even the battle of cosmetics. A teenager picking up a magazine of Kylie Jenner…

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  • Event Causal Model Of Human Agency Essay

    properties are fixed, then intentional properties are fixed. (Davidson 2001/1970) However, supervenience cannot provide substantial information about the relation of intentional and physical properties, since it is a general and topic-neutral relation. Moreover, ECM encounters an ontological problem raised by Kim (1998). By endorsing the idea of supervenience, Davidson consents to a layered or hierarchical model of world, holding that different kinds of explanations (physical, neural and…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Next Chapter In My Life

    I realized that in order for me to start the next chapter in my life I have to quit “re-reading” the last one. Which is why I deleted all my social media accounts. I noticed myself putting more time into face book or Instagram then I did my relationship with you and my family and also my school work. I also knew that if I kept those accounts I would sooner or later ruin my relationship with you because it is way too much drama and also because the first sign of an unhealthy relationship is a…

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  • Teresa Giudice Character Analysis

    Teresa Giudice is a cast member on the popular Bravo reality television series, Real Housewives of New Jersey. The show follows Giudice, as well as several other women and focuses on their personal lives. It premiered in September of 2009. Teresa and her husband Joe, as well as their four daughters, all entered the public spotlight as the show gained notoriety. In October 2009, the Giudice’s filed for bankruptcy. Hints of trouble were seen on the show when a friend of Teresa’s began asking…

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  • Kim Kardashi A Star Text Analysis

    the audience views the individual, some celebrities go through transformations to change their star text or public image intentionally to be viewed in a different light. The year 2014 was a break through for the now global sensation Kim Kardashian (Wong, 2016). Once known as a talentless reality TV star that gained fame not through her talents but rather for her connections as Paris Hilton’s assistant,her lawyer father in the OJ Simpson’s case and her infamous tape, Kim Kardashian has made a…

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  • How Does Social Media Make Us Lazy

    reach someone. No longer do you have to “know someone” or know the right method to get in contact with a member of congress or someone of high status. Nowadays you can simply just go tweet to someone such as Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, or Neil Degrasse Tyson. They might not respond to you, but the idea of reaching them is able to be fulfilled. This idea has created a culture in which people are more connected than ever in society. Every person is able to go connect with someone on the opposite…

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  • Skin Clothing In The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

    their makeup, the style of their hair, the designer clothes and the importance of flawless skin. They have been brainwashed into believing that it was their decision to become the person they are today and in all reality it was the lifestyle that they had to adjust to, to ensure their success in the fast paced, demanding industry. Most celebrates and musicians are an example of this. Getting plastic surgery on parts of their body that they believe will conform them to the societal expectations…

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